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The Wizarding Guild

The Wizarding Guild, known internally as Shépöruthoď /ʃɛpɔɹuθˈoɗ/ (derived from Thevan), is a relatively new but already powerful group of wizards and other magic users that hopes to influence all of civiliation to its benefit and the benefit of it's members. However, they present themselves as wanting to improve civilization as a whole, not just their status within it.   Perferring to operate in the background, most people are not even aware of the existing of The Guild. However, members have the ears of most of the higher level leaders of the world. In this way, they are able to manipulate policy to better reflect their needs.


The Wizarding Guild is guided by the Council of Eight. The Council governing the Guild as a whole is known as the High Council. The head of the council, know as the Éshirubezu, the First of Many, or just the First, is elected by the Council from its own members. Council members are elected by the general body of The Guild for 12 year terms, with two Councillors elected every three years. A new First is elected at the seating of new Councillors after every election.   Below the Council are regional Chapters. Each Chapter is lead by its own Council of Eight and First. Beyond that, each member is expected to attend at least one council meeting a year, either at the regional or global level. Individual members are tasked with specific goals, with little to no punishment for failures to meet those goals.   The High Council appoints Advisors for various leaders, generally based on the recommendations of the Chapter Council presiding over the area the leader has control over.  
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There is a group outside of the High Council that pull all the strings and dictates the larger actions of the Guild. This is the Illuminati. It is guided by Án Zōlöla, one of the Wizard Kings who was once imprisoned but has now found freedom. They seek to return to their days for ruling the world.

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The Guild, Shépöruthoď
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