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The Rabbit's Paw

Thus, I hereby name Prinx Tempest, my beloved sibling, a Seneschal of House Lapin. With this appointment, I also bestow a new title, "The Rabbit's Paw." Let him speak with my voice; let him act with my paws; let all of Lapin, the Woodlanders, and the Realm know that I trust him implicitly to make decisions and take action in my place. All hail Prinx Seneschal Tempest Kwake, the Rabbit's Paw...
— Queen Sable Aradia, upon appointing Prinx Tempest Kwake as the Rabbit's Paw


"But... but I'm not qualified! I'm not a diplomat, I'm not a general, hells, I'm not even Owsla anymore!"   "No... You're not a diplomat, are you? Although you can learn to be, if you want to. But you would protect me — and all of the Warren, the whole Realm — with your life, little sib. I know you would. What better qualification could there be? After all, you're my Rabscuttle."
— Prinx Tempest and Queen Sable, after Tempest was awarded the title of the Rabbit's Paw
    There are no formal qualifications for the appointment of the Rabbit's Paw, as this position is appointed by The Chief Rabbit. However, the Chief Rabbit will choose the person they think is best suited to the job.   While it is not a requirement to not want the job, if someone is clamoring to be the Rabbit's Paw, they probably shouldn't be given the job. Likewise, if the potential appointee feels unqualified, they are probably a good fit.   In the case of Seneschal Prinx Tempest Kwake, they were chosen for their unwavering loyalty to Queen Sable, their unflinching conviction to protect Warren and the Realm, and their willing ability to take measures usually only Sable would take, as demonstrated in The Third Word War after The Battle of Kin Beach. At that time, then only Prinx Tempest assumed command of the Lapin forces and refugees. They locked down the Warren and led them to the Sauropodan Protectorate. Queen Sable, when she learned what her sibling had done, was impressed. This event is likely what ultimately lead to the appointment of Prinx Tempest as both Seneschal and the Rabbit's Paw.


While it is suggested that the Rabbit's Paw should be a Wererabbit or a Werehare, this position could be filled by anyone, including non-Literomancers.


There is a formal ceremony for the appointment of the Rabbit's Paw, attended by friends, family, and other House Leaders. Usually, whoever is being appointed to this position is the last to know that it is happening. All they are told is to dress fancy and show up at the right location.


It is the Rabbit Paw's duty to lead by example, and where possible, run the risks for the Fluffle. The Rabbit's Paw cannot ask any member of the Fluffle to run any risk that they are not willing to run themself.   The Rabbit's Paw also fulfills important ceremonial duties:  
  • promoting a sense of identity
  • recognizing the achievements of outstanding Lapinites
  • receiving foreign dignitaries
  • travelling overseas as the representative of House Lapin
  • hosting and taking part in official events
  •     It is also the duty of the Rabbit's Paw to support and care for the Chief Rabbit in all ways. As Rabscuttle followed El-Ahrairah into Inle, so does the Rabbit's Paw follow the Chief Rabbit.


    The Rabbit's Paw is the secondary decision maker in the House after the Chief Rabbit. When the Chief Rabbit is not present or is unavailable, the Rabbit's Paw will act in their place resolving disputes, deciding on foreign and domestic policy, conducting diplomacy, and brokering treaties.   In the absense of the Chief Rabbit, the Rabbit's Paw is authorized to exercise most of the Crown's powers on behalf of the Chief Rabbit.   The Rabbit's Paw has important parliamentary responsibilities as well, usually exercised with or in place of the Chief Rabbit:  
  • summoning, proroguing and dissolving Parliament
  • setting out the government’s program by reading the Speech from the Throne
  • giving Royal Assent, which brings parliamentary bills into law
  •     The Rabbit's Paw also visits military bases and honours Lapin military personnel on behalf of the queen.


    The Rabbit's Paw holds much of the same political power as The Chief Rabbit. For example, if the Chief Rabbit is unable or unavailable to declare war, the Rabbit's Paw may be approached by Parliament to do so in their place should the need arise.   There is also a small stipend awarded with the title. Seneschal Prinx Tempest has opted to donate their stipend to charity, citing their royal stipend for being Sable's sibling and their inability to remember that they ever have money at all.

    Accoutrements & Equipment

    This title awards the holder a Lapin Star Ruby medallion, to be worn with the other medals of honor or rank at formal occasions.  
    "I'm starting to feel like a Frith blessed Tomesmas decoration... And this one is HEAVY!"   "Yes, it is! On purpose! It's so you can feel the WEIGHT of your power, Torch!"
    — The Rabbit's Paw, Seneschal Prinx Tempest, and Queen Sable while talking to Senna Nightshade

    Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

    The only way to stop being the Rabbit's Paw is to die or be dismissed by the Chief Rabbit. The second one may or may not involve death too, depending on the reason for removal.
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    Royalty, Non-hereditary
    Form of Address
    Your Excellency (alternatively, Your Fluffiness)
    Alternative Naming
    Hand of the Chief Rabbit
    Equates to
    Anyone holding this rank has the equivalent rank of The Chief Rabbit, excepting only when the Chief Rabbit is present. Similar in style to the rank of the Governor General of Canada before The First Word War, the Rabbit's Paw wields the power of the Chief Rabbit when they are not present.
    Source of Authority
    Length of Term
    At the Chief Rabbit's pleasure
    Current Holders
    Reports directly to
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