Tempest Kwake (kweyk | /kweɪk/)

Article by Tempest Kwake twitch.tv/tempestkwake, who is IRL the Filk Master of the Game of Tomes

The Great Flame, The Flame of Encouragement, The Flame of Inspiration, Keeper of Sekrets, Filk Master, the Filkmaster General Tempest Kwake (He/they)

Tempest Kwake is the current leader of the Chaos Cartel, the former leader of dissolved Minor House Incendium, and the Filk Master of the Realm.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

We, like, don't speak of such things.
— Tempest

Body Features

Like, I honestly try not to have a body most of the time, y'know? They're totally inconvenient...
— Tempest
  The Flame of Encouragement appears in human form as a solidly-built AFAB masc/neutral human who is somewhat on the short side. In bunny form, the Great Flame appears as a black-tailed jackrabbit, also known as an American desert hare, with orange and black agouti fur that appears to shift into living flame. Strangely, the black-tipped ears and tail appear to be slightly burnt, rather than a variation in fur colouration, and in bunny form, a faint scent of burning hair lingers around them. They are on the shorter side of the species, but are solidly-built in hare form, too.   It is known they have a badger form as well, but very little is known about it.

Facial Features

Tempest has six beard hairs that they are very proud of and a few small facial scars they don't really talk about much.

Identifying Characteristics

Often seen wearing blue lenses or flame rimmed glasses.

Physical quirks

Tempest can wiggle their ears, no matter what form they're in.

Special abilities

Tempest channels fire magic. They have revealed this is because they are connected to a part of the Void they call the Overflow, which is a fiery realm containing multitudes of different realities. They can also shift effortlessly between one reality and the next. They can bring Sable with them, as she is immune to the fire of the Overflow, but no one else without Sable's help.   This abiltiy was used to help evacuate the Warren in the 2022 Word War.

Apparel & Accessories

Tempest is often seen either in full flame mode, or wearing a flame shirt, flame pants, and flame glasses (which they wear over their "proper glasses" which let them see clearly). They also often wear orange, glittery crocs and (very occassionally) a flame cloak.

Specialized Equipment

A coffin handle staff used to channel their fire-totem magic (no one knows where this came from and frankly we're all a little afraid to ask)   A lantern used to light the words for other writers   A ukulele, also used to channel their fire-totem magic

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A writer with a laptop that is magically creating fire, pumping their fist
The Great Flame at the Battle of the Warren by Tempest Kwake & Sable Aradia
No one is really sure where this fickle flame caster came from. They bounced into the House Molluscan army one day and refused to leave until the end of the First Word War While they celebrated the Molluscan win, and indeed fought on their behalf during the first Tourney they and their newly discovered flame powers soon found things too wet for their liking.   With a few other newly found flame casters, Tempest founded the Minor House Incendium just before the second Tourney. They swore to House Lapin, enjoying the coziness of the Warren.   At the beginning of the Second Word War Tempest caught the Filking Plague first and quickly passed it on to nearly everyone, from Major House Leader to Tome Knight to Undead, and even to the Night Monarch. Completely unrepentant, Tempest was named Filk Master after the war to try and mitigate the chaos.  
A coin stamped with a flame and a motto that reads
The Flame of Encouragement by Tempest Kwake
During the Second Word War, Tempest and House Incendium bounced from House Tiki to House Meles to House Mollusca (apparently forgetting the Molluscans live under water) to finally land back in the Warren with House Lapin. There they stayed, proving that even a fickle flame can be loyal when it feels like it.   In the April Tourney 2022 the Filkmaster began handing out medallions called The Flame of Encouragement to Tome Knights who took significant actions to encourage others. Rumous has it that he has started a competitor organization to the Self Care Mafia, the Chaos Cartel . Rumour also has it that the Mother of Bunnies has joined this illicit group. The fact that the Flame of Inspiration has dissolved Minor House Incendium seems to substantiate these rumours.   Following the Tourney, with the disappearance of DM Stretch, Tempest has, somewhat surprisingly to those who know the fickle nature of the Great Flame, joined the Owsla to fill the vacant position.   At about the same time, Tempest began appearing in a singed orange-furred fire bunny form, and Sable and Tempest began addressing each other as siblings. Since Tempest is known to be the sibling of the Bardger of House Meles, Realm of Music, it was unknown how this was possible. It was later revealed that Tempest was biologically Sable's clone, but shared a birth mother with Realm, although they share no actual DNA.   It has been revealed that Tempest was created by the Company and escaped somehow thanks to the aid of "Marsha" (or possibly "Martha"? Tempest is horrible at names).   They spent some time after escaping in the 1337 Speak Reality, where they apparently married a man known only as "Buddha" Kwake. He insisted on joining Tempest in the GoTverse during the November 2022 Word War, filling in for WriterGreg in SWW News after Greg caught MancerMumps.

Gender Identity

While they make no bones about being AFAB, they present as neutral or masculine.


Tempest is Ace-spectrum, being demi-sexual, and claims to be polyamorous and pansexual as well.


Tempest has revealed they were raised by the Company, who presumably taught them their first Literomantic spells.


After the Second Word War, Tempest was employed as the Filk Master of Game of Tomes.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Tempest has written several books, with several more in various stages of construction and reconstruction.   Tempest is also a decently accomplished musician, singing middling-well and playing the ukulele passably. They have written many songs, enough that there are rumours they will be putting out an album before or during the Tourneys.

Failures & Embarrassments

Tempest has stated that they have started more books than they have finished. While they admit there are mitigating circumstances to each failed book, they also hope to someday finish each failed project.   Tempest also feels responsible for the chaos and stress brought to major house leader Sable Aradia of House Lapin by the Filking Plague. This is why they stepped willingly up as Filk Master after the Second Word War.

Mental Trauma

While they tend to burn off most stressors as irrelevant, Tempest has been known to burn themself out as well, needing time to recover from overusing their literomancy. What causes them to be so driven is unknown, even to themself.

Intellectual Characteristics

Temepst is very smart, but suffers from several learning disabilities. These include but are not limited to:  
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • While they have been known to gripe about how these disabilities limit them (in particular the ADHD and dyslexia), they also say they would not want to go without them.  
    I, like, would totally not be half the literomancer I am today without my ADHD, y'know? And the dyslexia and the rest, like, keep my life interesting. I struggle, but, like, that's totally life for you.
    — Tempest about their learning disabilities


    Tempest will not stand for people putting down their own or other people's writing.  
    Like, we all start somewhere, y'know? Shutting yourself or other people down is, like, totally not cool.
    — Tempest


    Family Ties

    The Great Flame is the sibling of Realm of Music, the Bardger, through a parent who was said to be a phoenix. This ties them firmly to the House Meles family line, and peripherally to the House Lapin family line.   In July 2022 it was revealed Tempest was Sable's clone.  
  • Realm of Music - brother by birth mother (no DNA relation)
  • Darth Nikolas - brother-in-law
  • Lord Galakrond - nephew
  • Erin Righ - brother-in-law
  • Sable Aradia - sister
  • Religious Views

    The Flame of Inspiration's religious views remain unclear, but they have recently begun to call on El-ahrairah, as Sable-rah does. Whether they picked that up from her is unknown.

    Hobbies & Pets

    Tempest knows how to knit and crochet


    Tempest has a slight stutter.


    Sable Aradia

    sibling (Vital)

    Towards Tempest Kwake



    Tempest Kwake

    sibling (Vital)

    Towards Sable Aradia




    Tempest and Sable had already met and established a friendship, especially through their work in the Chaos Cartel, before they discovered they were siblings. Since then, Sable has come to trust Tempest absolutely. As Sable's clone, Tempest is capable of "fooling" magic that is keyed to the Chief Rabbit into reacting to them in the same way. Sable has trusted Tempest with the key to the Lapin Library and the key to lock down the Warren. She keeps almost no secrets from her sibling, and the secrets she does keep are meant to protect her younger sibling from the extent of her worries and distress. Tempest, for their part, is learning this sort of trust in Sable, but has farther to go, since their experience as a Company experiment has made trust difficult for them. And if Sable wouldn't keep trying to get herself killed, that would be nice, especially since Tempest has become part of the Owsla.

    Nicknames & Petnames

    The Voidtouched bun sibs tend to assign backhanded complimentary nicknames to one another that have something to do with their Void powers. Sable calls Tempest "Torch" affectionately for their fiery powers and forms; Tempest calls her "Lite Brite" or "Star-Butt" for her starlight glow.

    Tempest Kwake


    Towards Buddha Kwake

    Buddha Kwake


    Towards Tempest Kwake

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    Current Status
    Following Sable Aradia around, getting her into trouble and then taking her out of it
    Current Location
    Currently Held Titles
    Previously Held Ranks & Titles
    Date of Birth
    Not really sure, now that you mention it...
    Circumstances of Birth
    Buddha Kwake (spouse)
    Sable Aradia (sibling)
    Current Residence
    The Warren
    Unknown, as always hidden behind glasses, but claimed to be hazel; black (bunny form)
    Dark brown, occasionally sparks with flame
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Pale white (human form) ; singed orange fur that is on fire (bunny form)
    5’4” (human) ; 1'7" long (bunny)
    HOW DARE??
    Quotes & Catchphrases
    Like, totally.
    — Tempest
    Taoist Pagan
    Aligned Organization
    Known Languages
  • English (conversant)
  • Bad English (native)
  • 1337 (fluent)
  • Ruled Locations
    Character Prototype

    A figurine of a person with short-cropped hair and sunglasses, holding a flaming staff and a lantern, with many candles at their feet, in a cave

    Tempest Kwake, the Great Flame by HeroForge

    A jackrabbit on its hind legs, on fire

    Tempest's Bunny Form by Tempest Kwake

    A figurine of a person with short-cropped hair and sunglasses

    The Great Flame ukelele shredding by HeroForge

    A person drinking from a large coffee mug as their laptop produces magical fire

    The Great Flame writing by Tempest Kwake & Sable Aradia

    A person singing with fire in front of them and burning sparklers floating near their open hands

    The Great Flame displays their fire powers by Tempest Kwake & Sable Aradia

    A person in flame sunglasses giving a press conference with a volcano in the background

    Tempest Kwake giving a press conference at Mount Ignatius by Tempest Kwake

    A writer typing at a laptop that is producing magical fire

    Tempest Kwake's Literomancy by Tempest Kwake & Sable Aradia

    Filk Master

    In late 2021, Eli was named as Filk Master for Game of Tomes, following the Great Filking Plague .   Incidentally, they were also Patient 0 of this plague, so this is entirely appropriate.

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