Sir Kitoypoy (He/him)

Sir Kitoypoy is a member of the Owsla, House Lapin's elite guard dedicated to the protection of Sable Aradia, the Chief Rabbit. He is a combat specialist within the Owsla, and is the most likely of the Owsla to be directly commanding Lapin Tome Knights on the battlefield.   He studied martial arts and tactics from his youth under the tutelage of Grandmaster Federico. He has studied arnis/kali, saber/foil fencing, boxing, Jeet Kune Do, and Muay Thai kickboxing. His love of sharp things is widely known and he always has a blade secreted on his person wherever he goes.   Kitoypoy is also an accomplished dancer, specializing in the traditional dances of his people and a variety of partner dances. He mixes magic, dance, and swordplay as a skilled blade dancer specializing in dual-wielding weapons.  
Dancing and fighting are two sides of the same coin. Both involve bodies in motion together. When they’re dancing, bodies are moving in coordination and in opposition when they’re fighting. If you can do one, you can do the other.
— Sir Kitoypoy
  Sir Kitoypoy was born in the warm southern islands, to the warrior clan of the Rajah of Tondo. He has relatives in all the worlds of the multiverse and can call on them for help whenever he needs them.   He loves a little too freely and has been guilty of giving away his heart too quickly. He has been married three times and has three sons from two of his wives. He sees it as his duty to make sure that his sons have the same training in fighting and dance that he has had.   Sir Kitoypoy worships the Rabbit in the Moon, drawing power from the moon’s changing phases. He is vigilant for the return of, Bakunawa, the great serpent that wants to eat the moon and the rabbit.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Twin curved swords, karambits, double sticks, double knives, quarterstaff, spear and shield, rapier, nunchucks, arsenic laced keris and a gunong knife.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kitoypoy joined House Lapin to fight the Undead in the First Word War, and was taken by the Horde when the Warren fell. This has given him an overwhelming resolve to protect his Chief Rabbit from the Undead Horde, and he was enthusiastically recruited by James Woodwright as soon as membership opened.
Neutral Good
50 years old
Presented Sex
(Really) Heterosexual
Gender Identity
Cisgender man
Dark brown, almost black
Black, cropped short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
190 lbs.
The Rabbit in the Moon
Aligned Organization

A man armed with twin swords standing back to back with a rabbitfolk woman holding a magic book, on a forest background

Sir Kitoypoy and Sable Aradia at the Battle of the Warren by Kitoypoy with HeroForge

A man in a steampunk costume with bowler hat, suit, and raven mask
Sir Kitoypoy ready for an evening on the town by Kitoypoy
A man displaying dual-wielding swordfighting
Sir Kitoypoy by Kitoypoy

Cover image: Sir Kitoypoy in Action by Kitoypoy
Character Portrait image: Sir Kitoypoy in traditional dance costume by Kitoypoy


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