Amy Winters-Voss (a.k.a. Fox or Shy) (She/her)

Oyabun (clan head) of the Self Care Mafia and former head of the now defunct House Kitsune.


Her wandering from house to house ended when she entered House Apis. She volunteered to be Queen Dani's guard and is proud to be Stinger One in the Stinger Squadron.


Isn't She a Human Author?

Fox spent most of her life as a human dabbling in things that interested her (from programming for a government contractor to textile arts to attempting to learn Japanese) while she and her husband raised their children. But now that the kids are mostly grown, she's ready to scout places for fresh adventures with her beloved.


As she travels through time and space, she writes about the places and people she discovers. The most recent visit was to modern, mythical Japan which resulted in her first novel Rise: The Liminal Chronicles. After crossing over into the spirit realm, she found herself transformed into a three-tailed kitsune and hasn't bothered to find out if she can revert to a human. Why mess with a good look?


What's with the weapons? I thought she was 'nice'...

When one travels the planes, one learns to defend themselves. There is no negotiating with a cranky hydra or a fire elemental with eternal hiccups. Fox knows from experience! Her handy blaster and trusty naginata are her weapons of choice. She's still working on a breakthrough with most magic styles. But she can manage a shield for a few seconds in a pinch.


I thought foxes ate squirrels!

Fox's squirrel companion is no mere rodent! It's an interdimensional portal creating beast she had to work for years to befriend in the plane of her friend Solar Cat. It took thousands of bags of acorns and a lot of chasing. They lost most of those acorns to the aforementioned fire elemental. (Don't ask about that incident. The gang still has nightmares about it.) Unfortunately, the squirrel can only return to where it buried an acorn. Fox has learned to booby-trap the acorns left behind as the group tries to return to Fox's home.


Alternate Outfits

shyredfox-portrait (1).png
Shyredfox by Heroforge
Shyredfox Undead by AWV + Heroforge
shyredfox stinger squadron-portrait.png
Shyredfox in Stinger Squadron Uniform

A yellow shield with a honeycomb device. Text: The Hive is Tireless

House Apis by Misades

by Misades

A badge or medal of a book - the Iron Tome - on a navy background. Text:

Defender of the Realm by Misades

Pen Name
Amy Winters-Voss
Fox or Shy
Kitsune (shapeshifting fox yokai)
3 (She's fairly young for a kitsune, but does not care to give her age)
5' even
(polite society does not ask such things)
Current Location
Dodging the Laser Security System in the Apis hive

Shyredfox's Self Care Mafia and Chaos Cartel Badges 2022

The Self Care Mafia and the Chaos Cartel highly encourages writers to take care of themselves and be encouraging to others Game of Tomes events. Those that do, can earn collectable badges.

July 2022

Self Care Mafia

Chaos Cartel

A coin stamped with a flame and a motto that reads
The Flame of Encouragement by Eli Kwake

April 2022

Cover image: Iron Tome by Misades


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