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'Bounty' Hunters

Job Broker for the Wanderer

A 'Bounty' Hunter should not be confused with a bounty hunter, as the two jobs differ greatly. The latter is a role more commonly taken on by mercenaries, adventurers, and the often famous Space Cowboys, these bounty hunters are those of action conducting work out in the stretches of Delta Space. 'Bounty' Hunters, however, are job brokers, those that hunt for opportunities for these listless wanderers. And only in exchange for a small percentage of the job's payout, as a sort of finders fee.    It is the 'Bounty' Hunter's duty and obligation to seek out gainful opportunities for any of those who have chosen to use their services. They use meticulously built networks of friends, informants, business associates, and any individual that could be of use to craft lists of potential jobs and their details for their clients.   There are countless 'Bounty' Hunters working in the Delta Space but only a few are truly good at what they do. And out of these few are the best, brokers that get the best jobs and the biggest payouts. They may not be out in the field like their frequent partners, but they are often left to dig for details and hound their contacts for the best leads and jobs. They spend countless hours making and upkeeping connections, breaking cyphered codes, and oftentimes assisting their clients during tense moments while they are out working on important jobs.   'Bounty' Hunters must comb through enormous amounts of information that is often spread across the Delta Space, often having to seek out a tiny piece of information related to a tiny area or region. Like searching for a needle in a haystack. They have become highly respected for their abilities to find these needles of information. They must also become specialists in every region of the Delta Space that is known so that they can serve their clientele wherever they may currently reside. Whether their client is located at the Variance in the far-flung regions of O.Sec F the 'Bounty' Hunter must be prepared to dole out a job in any area in which they have been requested to search for work.   Because of this they must create and keep a detailed and updated list of ideal jobs for the individual they are currently working with, often 'Bounty' Hunters work with a small selection or even a singular Space Cowboy depending on their status in the Delta Space. These ideal jobs are then whittled down to a few or even a singular job and then decided upon by the cowboy client. After which the job is officially accepted via the broker under the cowboy's name and advanced details are gathered and forwarded to the Space Cowboy for completion. Typically the 'Bounty' Hunter's percentage fee must be paid up front, but they often waive this with their more trusted clients as a sign of good faith.   For some 'Bounty' Hunters this is where their job ends, they just wait for their collection fee and they move on. However, the best of these 'Bounty' Hunters offer additional services, acting as an 'eye in the sky' or an 'Oracle'of sorts. Feeding the Space Cowboy intel or additional bits of information on the job as they are discovered during the mission. This service is not always required, as some jobs are cut-and-dry operations, but others are complex and the additional support is often the difference between success and death. Of course, the 'Bounty' Hunter's fee increased dramatically if this service is requested during a job.   Some 'Bounty' Hunters have become so synonymous with their Space Cowboy partners that they have become always as famous as the Cowboy themselves. Forming (in)famous duos of charm, adventure, and danger that rocket through space together facing adversity and challenge. Or sometimes not, often times they relax behind a keyboard far and away from the dangers their Space Cowboy clients face on a frequent basis.
Controversial amongst Cowboys?
Many Space Cowboys work closely with 'Bounty' Hunters, hand in hand so that they can work more efficiently instead of wandering the galaxy aimlessly struggling for direction or work.   While other Space Cowboys believe the use of these 'Bounty' Hunters is the antithesis to the wanderer's way of life that the cowboy represents. Either way, a good 'Bounty' Hunter can be the difference maker between riches and rags in the life of a freelance adventurer.
They don't all look like literal cowboys I swear.

What is a Space Cowboy
Space Cowboys are listless wanderers of the Delta Space, those that have chosen to have no home and instead wander the expansive reaches of the Delta Space. They are gunmen for hire, bounty hunters, rebels with or without a cause, (in)famous outlaws and adventurers who take on jobs that no one else would consider taking.   Space Cowboys come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, good, bad, and everything in between. But one commonality remains amongst them all, they have a reputation for not staying in one place long, and for their fortitude and promise that they will complete any job no matter the cost.


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