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King of America

The King of America, known formally as the King of the United States of America, is the sovereign of the  Kingdom of America and one of the chief executives of the federal government along side the Chancellor. The monarch is styled as His/Her Majesty. The residence of the monarch is Columbia Palace within the capital city of Columbia.   Many of the traditions of the monarchy were introduced by the first holder, Henry I, but were altered by his brother and successor Augustus I. They were again relaxed to a degree by his son Augustus II.

Cultural Significance

The title of King of the United States of America, or simply the King of America, was initially a controversial title. Members of the Continental Congress, including members that would become the Unionist Party, such as Nathaniel Gorham and Alexander Hamilton, advocated for the establishment of the title, and campaigned to convince Prince Henry Hohenzollern of Prussia to accept the throne. However, Republicans such as Thomas Jefferson campaigned against the establishment. To sway public opinion, Hamilton wrote many of the Federalist Papers, advocating for the rule of a monarch. In response, the public elected representatives that supported the idea.   The power of the monarch was increased under the rule of King Augustus II and the War of the North. At this time, the Royal Family changed their name to Lexington.
Nobility, Hereditary
The Constitution of the Kingdom of the United States
Form of Address
Your majesty
Length of Term
Life, or until resignation
First Holder
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