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The Markis is the honorary title of the Emperor of Wisterand. It is derived from the name of the first Markis who created the kingdom of the antic Sier, and his son who founded the Empire of Sier. It has been transmitted from father to son for generations, but was only the given name of the Emperor, until it became the title of Erior , who ruled after the destruction of the antic Sier. Ever since the Markis ruled in Midaria.     This title is also hereditary, political, religious... it is simply the higher rank of power in all of Éréd.


It is an hereditary position, no qualification is required.


To become the Markis one must be a male descendant of the first Markis, and the Great King. It is usually the oldest son of the current ruler of the Great Kingdom of Midaria who inherits the title from the death of the latter.


Coronnation is the only way to be raised to this position. The ceremony must follow the death of the previous Markis (usely few months afterwards) as there can't be two Markis at the same time. It takes place in the Temples of the elements (which is a complex of several temples) in Midaria.


All those of the Great King plus presides at the Counsil of the Kingdoms.


the Markis is responsible for the well being of the enntire empire. He holds power over the nine other kings beneath him. He is the one who names the prime minister, the Great Priest of Sete. He is the higher commander of the imperial army and names the senior army officers. He can also dub anyone to nobility.

Accoutrements & Equipment

From his coronation to his death the Markis has to wear the Crown of the Markis to every counsil of the Kingdoms he attends, or any other official event. It is his only attribute and he can't depart from it under any circumstances.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

No grounds could ever dismiss the Markis, except death.


"Markis" is first and foremost a male given name. It was the name of the ruler of the Sierians when they arrived on the shores of Wistérand. When he died, his son took that name to be his ruling name, he founded the Antic Empire of Sier, and the name passed on for almos twenty five generations of rulers. But it was still simply their first name as Louis XIV or Charles the Third.   After the destrucution of The Antic Sier and the fall of its empire, Erior the first son of the first Markis came back to marry Dawré daugther of the last emperor of Siér and the only survior of the emperial family. He took the name of Erior the first and made the name "Markis" as the honorific title it is today, thus becoming the first ever Markis. The title passed on to this day with Urior the VIIth being its current holder.
Royalty, Honorific / Ceremonial
The status is still in effect and no one would dare question his authority.
Form of Address
His Greatness, His Highness, His Grace (note: in wistlirien the formal is formed with the determiner "shén" equivalant to "her")
Alternative Naming
The Emperor, the Great King, the King of Kings
Equates to
Emperor or the Great King
Source of Authority
People and “divine”
Length of Term
From coronation to death
First Holder
Current Holders
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