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This is simple task distribution: they look over the spirituality of the galaxy, while I am in charge of its physical needs.
— Armand Sym

Every sovereign needs keys in order to reign, people who holds positions of authority or power inside the society. Cantors are such keys: executive directors of major companies, governors of the core systems, admirals and virtuoses.


Founder fathers

What do you mean, Armand doesn't have time to see me? I came in person, and this is of the utmost importance!
— Alker Senaran

Most of the Cantors were there for the day of Unison, the first time people from all over the galaxy sang with one voice. They witnessed the fall of the first stardom and the chaos that ensued. Then, they joined the Canticles in their desire of order. Together, they built a new society, under the rule of a strong leadership. Things did not go smoothly at first, as with all great disruptions.

There have been very few changes in the ranks of the Cantors over the last 45 millenia. A dozen of them died, only two of natural causes. Four gave up the title on their own will and vanished from the public scene. Only three people in the entire galaxy were awarded this most prestigious title, still struggling to get recognition and respect from their peers.

Out of my way!
— Alker Senaran

Known Cantors


Armand Sym

Industrial, bureaucrat

Armand Sym by Rumengol via MidJourney
There is no such things as unfortunate mishaps. They are simply unforeseen opportunities.

One of the very first to join the cause of the Canticles, he was at the time an influencial human industrial, with his name on more than 80% of the human fleet. He never lost his keen sense of business, becoming for a time the richest person in the galaxy. He could have chosen to expand his industrial empire, but for reasons only known to him, he stepped out of the race. He now is the head of the galactical department of logistics and transportation, as well as the head engineer for the Canticles enforcement fleet.


Bearing the appearance of a young man in his twenties, he is often described as sarcastic and devious. He throws parties of absurd luxury each month that lasts for days and leave guests with a week-long hangover, but shows fresh and sharp the next day. He is a man of many secrets, that instills both fear and adoration to the people.


High Priest of the Song of Things

C. by Rumengol via MidJourney
We are but followers of the Voice, every single one of us. For those who have lost their ways, we guide them to the righteous path.

First of her kind to be attuned to the Song, C. is a kind and gentle Crawlk. Its small size does not diminish her charisma. When conflicts surfaced, she gathered billions of followers and guide them away from the slaughter, on world havens. They formed the base of the new order's population. C. was the one to map and activate the network of the obelisks of the Song of Things, and no one after her has been found with such a keen sens of this Song.


Frank and benevolent, C. is the exact opposite of Armand Sym. Though the two of them tolerate each others and are often brought to work together, they are far from friends. Roaming the galaxy in her humble tunic, she redeem the lost lambs and accompany them to the light.


Alker Senaran

Head of the Inquisitorium

Placeholder Ted by Rumengol via MidJourney
That's not Alker Senaran, but a very nice placeholder. His name is Ted.  
We are the fury of the Canticles. We are the light that shines when darkness rises. We are the Song breaching the silence of heresy!

The oldest of the non-original Cantors, Alker is the one who came with the Inquisition project. When he first addressed his idea to Armand Sym and Klaus Vikrasten, he was laughed at as a lunatic. Yet he persevered and was ultimately approved by the Canticles. He recruited himself the first three Inquisitors, and saw outstanding results, putting an end to most seceding planets and destroying most of the Eulogist's forces. This success granted him the position of Head Inquisitor as well as the Cantor's title.


Despite being appointed a few centuries after the rest of his peers, he was never acknowledged as their equals, which hurt and angered him deeply. He is a choleric and violent man, easy to upset. His furies are feared by those who work under him and mocked by his fellow Cantors. Time and age did nothing to improve his temper, which seems to shorten with each decade.

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