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Technically, all you need to be a Granter, is to have the power to manipulate the shards. That is usually given willingly but there had been cases... naturally, that's just a legend, but it's told that sometimes a person can take that power by force.   However, to be the granter in this company also takes some leadership skills, the ability to understand the nature of desire, lost, work and sacrifice. An patience. Lots of patience.


Well, the granter, as the CEO of the company, has always been the same. I suppose he could pass the tittle to somebody else; I know he had considered some options to do that. But I'm sure that he would come up with some unnecessary complicate process to test that person before even offering the job, and something even more annoying before making it official.


Most of the managing tasks are done by the administrators and managers, but the granter has to design the rules that allows them to work. This is a team effort, you see, but the granter is the one who motivates us to make that effort and is the granter's rules what really decide which client is accepted and who must be rejected.


After a few centuries, one would expect that every circumstance possible would be regulated and the granter wouldn't need to do anything but hire employees (if anything).   I'm still shocked to find out that he has to deal with special cases once in a while, and rules are in constant revision.   Besides... can you keep a secret? The truth is that the current boss constantly supervises our work and sees that everyone is safe and happy. He says he's just trying to keep his mind busy, but I suspect that he just do it because he cares about us, and about the clients.


Almost unlimited power.
And the means to trick death, of course.
The b...oss don't think much of those perks, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Either he chooses a heir, and some embarrassing protocol for that, or... You know, things would get ugly.
Reports to
Technically, no one
Magical, Professional
They say that they have always been granters, but not like this. This position was born with the company, almost 4 centuries ago.
Form of Address
To this day, employees have always refer to the granter as the "boss"
Clients don't usually met the granter in person and there is no protocol for that.
Equates to
In a way, it's also the same as a mayor or a king... or a genie that sets their own rules.
Source of Authority
First they need the ability to control the shards but, given that, is a matter of convincing the employees to work for them.
Length of Term
Given the way time works here, I would say "today". And make no mistake, that's not my way of saying "forever".
Current Holders
Past Holders
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Previous granters
The people, or creatures, that lived here before, and granted wishes with the power of the shards, had different rules. Their deals would be scams, tricks. The desperate and the greedy would be welcomed equally, and usually got too much or not enough.   There are legends among the employees, about genies or fairies, dragons or witches. It depends of the things they believed in the place and time they come from. In truth, nobody knows anything about the original inhabitants of this place, except maybe the Granter and some of the administrators. You could ask them if you want... I would love to witness that.

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