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I worry that my people have put too much faith into the color of my eyes. In times like this, we all need hope, but stories aside, I am all too aware that I am only human.
A procellus is a leader among the Dhadiz people. They are said to be god-marked, as they are named after their grey eyes. Like many people on Milon, there is an old belief among the Dhadiz that people with uncommon physical characteristics are marked by magic. Thus, the procellus of a community is said to have magical abilities, as well as the ability to commune with the gods. Though many modern Dhadiz are skeptical about magic, procelle still maintain a high level of respect in their communities.

Positions of Power

The procelle have a unique position of power among the Dhadiz people. While they do not have automatic leadership within either the religious or political heriarchies, they nevertheless have leadership among their people, as they are believed to be special. In some cases, procelle seek out political or religious leadership and in others, political and religious leaders try to raise grey-eyed children, so they will be in line with their teachings as adults. Adults who do not wish to be part of offical leadership heirarchies often choose to serve as diplomats to other leaders, as they have already been in a position of serving their people since they were children.


Procelle are all-purpose leaders, taking on whatever duties our people require of us.
The procelle have a wide variety of duties. During times of peace, they typically serve as cultural diplomats, either to outsiders or other leaders who the people feel are unattentive. They pray on behalf of others and offer blessings during important events. They are also said to perform miracles and speak for the gods. Many procelle become teachers who pass on cultural wisdom and traditions to the next generation. During times of turmoil and occupation, the procelle typically take on other duties of those who may have otherwise been ousted. In these cases, they will preside over marriages, offer judcial rulings, and even serve as military and tactical leaders.
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