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Blood Magic Investigations Division

Blood Magic Investigations Division (BMID) is a specialized law enforcement agency tasked with tracking down and eliminating dangerous magic users who refuse to stop practicing blood magic. BMID is authorised to kill blood mages when apprehending is too dangerous for the agents of the agency. Many people say that the agency often abuses that right. It is claimed that BMID's agents kill blood mages on site and don't give any chance to surrender.

Officially, captured blood mages should be transported to a police station and put into arrest where they await trail. In reality, however, when a mage is caught alive agents of the BMID take him to the agency's base where he is kept indefinetlly and without trial. The agency bribes the local police to look another way when blood mages are taken away. From time to time, usually once or twice a month, a blood mage is delivered to the police in order to keep the public thinking that everything is good and legal.

Methods of operation

BMID does two things, tracking and eliminating. Tracking is done my observing the streets, monitoring the internet and analysing residual magical energy in the local air. The agency has also access to surveillance satellites which monitor changes in magical energy and are able to detect portals to hell. BMID reacts also to calls from local police departments and help them with situations which are above regular police. When a blood mage is located a reconnaissance team is sent to observe him. Based on the results of the observation a correct course of action is chosen. The agency can give the case to the police, sent a team to apprehend the mage or sent a Heavy Team when a mage is considered very dangerous.


The BMID's headquarters is located in London. In each country there is a regional base in the capital and outposts in every major city. In big countries, like the USA, regional base is in each state/province.

  President - oversees the whole agency
Director-general - chief of a regional base
Captain - chief of an outpost

Heavy Team

Heavy Teams are elite strike teams of the BMID sent to apprehend the most dangerous blood mages. Members of a Heavy Team are trained for every situation and armed to the teeth. Standard equipement of a Heavy Team consists of door breaching explosives, automatic firearms and an armoured vehicle. Every Heavy Team has also at least one magic user.

The whole world
Founding Date
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Magic Cops, Magic Hunters, BMID
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