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BMID Operative Uniform

Uniforms worn by the Blood Magic Investigations Division's field operatives are designed to be durable, comfortable and protective. They use magical enchantments and state-of-the-art technology to repel and neutralize any magical attacks as well as to protect against non-magical attacks such as melee and ranged weapons. Together with a weapon and a Magic Inhibitor it makes the basic equipment of every operative.

Manufacturing process

Uniforms are produced in special workshops owned by the BMID and operated by its agents. The textile and metal elements of the uniforms are made in exactly the same way as most other modern uniforms. Differences begin when the parts are being completed into sets. Magic-users enchant every piece of the uniform against magic and weapons.

Custodire ab magicae
— Anti-magic enchantment
Custodire ab armis
— Anti-weapon enchantment

When enchanting a magic-user takes some holly or garlic, depending on what's available, and lays it on a piece they want to enchant. Then they put a hand on it and say the words of an appropriate enchantment. As the result the plant glows with bright light and it disperses thorughout the piece of uniform. The same procedure is repeated for every piece of the uniform.

Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Common in the BMID
The new line of uniforms is amazing. So comfortable and light, but also very durable. On the last mission a mage hit me with a fire bolt and I felt nothing.
— BMID field operative


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