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Conciliatory Court

The Conciliatory Court is a legislative body whose rulings are specifically applicable to all cities in the Otoerm Coil. As demanded by their charter, they must headquarter in whichever city is decided for the length of time to be the capital.   However, during a rotation, the lords who control the Conciliatory are systematically swapped out with new lords in the new host city. That is not to say that old lords cannot still exert such influence. It became such a problem that over time, the court became paralyzed and ineffective in enforcing itself.  

Black Priest

Holding to Set Strategy, these priests are the point of contact between intercessory judges and  the field agents and are responsible for allocating resources towards a mission and distributing the earnings afterwards, according to contribution of cult assets and intercessory licensee.

White Priest

Holding to Massy Method, these priests are the point of contact between intercessory judges and  the field agents and are responsible for allocating resources towards a mission and distributing the earnings afterwards, according to contribution of cult assets and intercessory licensee.

Scouting Agents

Once a target is determined by the Conciliatory, these agents survey the accused's properties and research their behaviours.  


The identities of the performers are kept secret, but it is well rumoured that they are potential, current or retired shadow agents of the lesser class who are heavily relied on to carry the ruse script.  


These are the accountants, thugs, smugglers and all around sneaks responsible for quietly moving the assets of the intercessory and/or a malleable target.

Public Agenda

To persuade, embarrass, blackmail or otherwise coerce families or individuals accused of breaking the collective Coil laws into compliance with the Conciliatory Court. However, they quite infamously, pursue this by setting up sham stories with play actors to fool the one behaving unlawfully into a comprising position to force payment of blood money and fines.


Intercessory has an actively managed real estate portfolio in Letchworth, Welwyn, Huexotzingo, Cholula and Moor. They mostly include the court buildings which are shared with the Judicatory and Arbitrary courts. But accounts may also show luxury apartments and old properties in Ebenezer and Unwin.


Shadow Guard

Named by their enemies for their exploits. The shadow guard are a covert group, unrecognized by any coil city, specialized in espionage and sabotage.   There is little else known of them, cept that they likely have operatives in many corners outside of Otoerm Coil territory.   It is believed, though unconfirmed, that elements of the Shadow Guard are incorporated into the intercessory, simply by how similarly they operate.


Ambush Resorts

The resorts are pre-prepared sites during setup sticks against an accused to get them in a compromising position that later blackmails them into intercessory demands.

Table Channels

There are sections of the man-made underground channels, cut into the bedrock by gardener ancestors for water management, that are closed off and utilized by intercessory personnel to move and hide the goods


Massy Method

One; bone white with piercing red eyes and bathing in light so bright, it is rarely even possible to be seen.
Schemes derived from Massy involve being out in the open. They include tricking lesser men, coercing greater men, sweet promises, blatant lies, threats and setups.

Set Strategy

The other, pitch black; and forever hooded in shadows.
Schemes derived from Set involve being hidden. They include discovering dirty secrets, rummaging through private effects, following people, eavesdropping on conversation and invading homes.


Cult of the Dueling Snakes

A cult that is mostly rooted within the Otoerm Coil that uniquely prioritizes duality in nature as exemplified through their two snake gods: Massy and Set.   The Cult of the Dueling Snakes has existed for many years, but only recently has it attained such popularity. All of the Garden Cities incorporate the black and white dueling snakes in some way into their city sigil; as the religious temples are marked with the images of two snakes consuming each other carved into places of prominence.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Shadow Guard

One question that always comes up is how close is the relation between the Shadow Guard and the Intercessory.
— Jaguar Investigator
Since there is no recognized means of funding for the guards' foreign operations, it is speculated that the questionable means the Intercessory extracts its dues from wayward nobles is also funneled to shadow agents.  

Outsider Influence

The following are suspicions of involvement:
Step Folk
Step folk, unaffiliated with their government, discreetly trade or smuggle goods that are desperately needed for special arrangements and profits. They are especially valued due to the blockade that totally encircles the territory.
Mountain Toiks
It is thought that college is a source of some materials that have entered the coil. Though they have historically fought together against the Sang, the relationship soured after they joined the Sang alliance network.
The reach of the maize merchants stretch in every direction from the Corn Court. It is not hard to believe that they'd also find a way past the embargo.
A small amount of inscrutable pochteca choose to align themselves with the enemy.

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