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Career Progression

Most embellishers are amantecas or retired amantecas who work partly or wholly in counterfeiting quetzal feathers. Although, it is not unheard of for scruffy peasants, with access to a flock of ducks, to shape and colour found feathers into something that might be convincing to sold. In such rare instances, ambitious groups would recruit these fellows into larger money-making operations for mere greed or to undermine the valley economy for politics.

Payment & Reimbursement


Generally, criminals would aim is to discretely create a worthy featherart masterpiece from inferior or common feathers and sell as quickly as possible to a gullible noble person. Very few would ever reach such a height.   However, there remains a thriving industry of sell such art to common households without guile or intrigue. The embellishers are simply able to make a living selling beautiful art.

Other Benefits


It is possible for independent artists to use their skills to forge mediocre duck feathers into elegant quetzal feathers to fraudulently earn extra revenue.


Many older amantecas conspire to restrict the upward mobility of their are less affluent juniors.   As a result, many young amantecas seek to impress by creating popular pieces and publicizing the origins of the feathers that made them.



Embellishers are a class of notorious feather workers who's legal role is to clean and repair whatever feathers were damaged during the art-making process.



Old Feathers

Feathers are valued similarly to jade and turquoise. They are used to make many types of objects from arrows, fly whisks, fans, complicated headdresses and fine clothing.  
Feathers are obtained from wild birds, domesticated turkeys, humming bird and parrot feathers. Duck feathers are the easiest to get a hold of.
Conētl, feathershop owner
However, many eventually become faded, dirtied, yellowed, darkened or smoked during the course of their handling. Treaters gather these scraps to glue and dye the damaged feathers to resemble the real things.


Tributary Provinces

A province can be labelled as tributary if they have proven to be rebellious in the past or if they tend to contribute the most in revenue.   These are typically the market cities because they give the state so little trouble and are too profitable to reclassify; and thus, reduce the amount of earnings the state receives.

Provided Services


Legitimate uses of embellisher techniques are utilized in making minor repairs and decorating feathers with paint.


Deceitful products are secretly made to trade to nobles who could realistically afford the real article.

Dangers & Hazards


A severe punishment would be enacted on any former amanteca, or someone talented enough to act as one, who was caught knowingly passing embellished feather art as genuine.

Alternative Names
Feather Treater
Exclusive Fraudster
Other Associated professions
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