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Forest Mold

by hughpierre


Geology & Geography

High Forest

Forest molds grow on the trees, rocks and creeks of a far mountaintop overseeing where the storm straits meets the pearl sea. There is no set type or species of mold growing in the forest that is ideal to the Divas.
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Most times, workers simply wander some ways away from their camp to look for any peculiar colour stinking out from amist all the green.
Finding them isn't all that difficult. It's the going back and forth that is tedious.

History & Usage


Colour Pits

Forest molds grow plentifully in the forest around them and are used to ferment vibrant and profitable dyes.   Massive hurricane storms dredge fish from the far seas and throw them so high as to crash onto the mountains. These carcasses give nutrients to the ugly looking molds and are thrown into the sludge during fermentation. It is disgusting work.   Once they are ready to leave the pit, they are mixed with oil and heated in a pressure pot and dried.

Manufacturing & Products


The mold(s) that are foraged are normally limited in colours but variant shade can be obtained by leaving them to sit in the pits and occasionally stirring.
  • from red (2 days) to orange (2 wks) to yellow (1 mth)
  • from purple (2 days) to brown (1 wk) to black (2 wks)
  • from green (2 days) to light blue ( d3 wks) to white ( d2 mths)
  • Hazards


    The mold is put into pits and allowed to ferment whereby residues and secretions cause to toxic soup to periodically change colour according to its depth, aggregate composition and their exposure to light and water. All of which can deeply effects the content's shade.  
    When a PC touches the raw mixture, they must make a DC 12 CON saving throw or d3 :
    1. take 2d4 poison damage
    2. 1 armour check penalty
    3. suffer a one-time additional 2d6 fire damage after taking slashing damage

    Environmental Impact


    This mold, or molds, are put into a fermentation process involving lots of time and clay vats dug into the open earth.   Therefore, in order to meet demand, the powers-that-be are constantly encroaching deeper into the high forest. This involves cutting down trees to make into walkable paths that won't sink into the ground. Afterwards, the clay-laden soil is churned into a mess of misshapened tubs to contain the solution.


    Trade & Market

    Segregated Customers

    Come rain or shine, the labourers earn their keep through the repairing and expansion of the colour pits that are established deeper into the mountain forest.
    An uneasy balance of power exist around Bai Sai. Overlordship is held by a rotating cast of distant Rangers who primary motive is to distribute everything extracted to the weather forts.
    They are content to leave the day-to-day over to the Matriarchs of the city. These women on the other hand, inspite of being ethically Rangers themselves, desire to be entirely separate and facilitate in smuggling their dyes in order to subvert them.

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