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Plant Binding



  1. A tooth, usually a one of the molars, is removed
  2. The seed from a smut-infected corn is inserted into the wound and left for a period of days
  3. Overtime, dark green veins appear along the head and neck to show the process is ongoing
  4. Eventually, similarly thin dark lines grow evenly along the patient's limbs
  5. Once it is decided that the plants have grown sufficiently through the body and purified as much as it could, the seed is carefully extracted from its root causing the ingrown plant vines to die and be absorbed into the body


Finding Corn Smut

Smut is a fungus that grows on the ears of corn and spread via contact with passing animals. Normally undesirable and culled from the stock, it is also a major ingredient in a myriad of drugs and mild poisons.   Care is taken to not accidentally eat infected corn; elsewise fever, delirium, vomiting and loss of consciousness can result. Though rare, death is also possible.    Corn smut is also an indicator for which corn's seeds are suitable for planting.
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
A highly invasive purging/purification technique that is often overprescribed with courtiers and painted tribes.
An active variation of Long Step's mold medicines where nano vines and roots grow through the blood vessels and filter the blood.

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