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Invisible Run

by hughpierre


There is at least one known underground river sourced from the Bad Step's ice peaks that filter through the soil and traverse a virgin lava tube that coincides with the artificial channels dug under the basin by the old gardeners.

Localized Phenomena

Healing Water

In ages past, the river's drinkers would consume the waters to to treat illnesses. They believed it was a parting gift from their ancestors, but is now lost to memory.   However, given the rediscovery of the medicinal properties of certain growths up in the mountain. It is sensibly concluded that the river water, from where it originates, mixed with various substances as it flowed down to the valley.   This phenomenon likely ended when step folk started controlling their water sources upstream.


Red Sun Era

It has been long thought that tunnels, from the olden times of giants, worm their way underneath the ground leading towards valley floor and that secret organizations use.   When the reign of the tuskin came to an end, their human servants carved channels, cut into the bedrock, to redirect underground waterways. They carry water filtered through limestone from sources atop the Step to gardener cities serviced through deep dug wells.   The hundreds of wells that control the Coil's extensive irrigation system also lead through several unmapped underground waterways. When gardeners control larger swarths of land, some of these branches reached outside to what Otoerm controls now. Supposedly, there are many abandoned wells in the provinces of Ocuilan and Oxitipan.


Gardeners keep entries into the subterranean Run a closely guarded secret. Even government officials and many nobles remain ignorant of their locations.   They utilize hundreds of wells that connect to the Coil's extensive tunnel irrigation system, some of which branch outside Otoerm's territory towards abandoned wells.

Named by their enemies for their exploits. The shadow guard are a covert group, unrecognized by any coil city, specialized in espionage and sabotage.   There is little else known of them, cept that they likely have operatives in many corners outside of Otoerm Coil territory.   It is believed, though unconfirmed, that elements of the Shadow Guard are incorporated into the Intercessory, simply by how similarly they operate.

Though they have historically fought together against the Sang, their relationship with the gardeners soured after they joined the Sang Alliance Network.   It is already widely held that individual private parties violate blockade policies.   It is thought that College is a source of some materials that have entered the coil to sustain the economy and efforts to thwart Sangsalgu.

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Underground / Subterranean
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Otoerm Coil
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Vampire Sword
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Cover image: Subterranean River by Martin Le Borgne


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