The Wardens of Vanelle

The Wardens are a mobile law enforcement unit in Vanelle with offices in several major locations. While they do also have a presence in Cirranne, they have very little authority there as most law enforcement in the capital is handled by the City Guardians.   Outside of the capital, however, in communities all over Vanelle, it is the Wardens' responsibility to uphold the law. Their offices serve a mostly administrative purpose; it is the travelling wardens who do the bulk of the legwork when it comes to investigating crime and upholding the law. Each unit consists of three men or women, two horses and one dog. The horses pull a covered cart which can be used for shelter on long journeys, but they are also used to being ridden, should the need arise.   Each warden is equipped with a standard warden uniform made from sturdy linen and wool in a grey colour reminiscent of a rainy day. Included in the uniform are a wide-brimmed hat, gloves, a coat, boots and a short sword. All other equipment they carry, in addition to the standard-issue utilities and survival gear in their carts, is personal. Because of the rather sparse nature of the equipment they are provided by the Protectorate, they have to either learn to make do with it or procure their own.   While there is certainly instances of corruption among the wardens, as everywhere else, they have a general reputation of being honest - or at least the mobile units do. The units stationed permanently in towns and villages tend to get lax after a few years and often become prone to accepting bribes to look the other way. Worse, however, is when they develop an inflated sense of importance, abusing their power or following opinions rather than clues in their investigation. Thankfully, sever cases of such misconduct are relatively rare.
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
The Wardens
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