The Toney Guard

Law and Order in cities in The Republic of Darokin is the responsibility of the ruling house of the city, so in Akorros that means The Toney Family. To implement this they have set up the Toney Guard.   There are guard stations scattered about the city, each with between half a dozen and twenty constables on duty at any one time, along with a lieutenant supervisor. Constables are technically a general pool so could be sent to any station at any time, but in practice they tend to be assigned to a particular station. A station has an assigned area which they patrol, and they also respond to reports and complaints from the public.   Although each station is responsible for their area, they can call on neighbouring areas for reinforcements if necessary, and can also send to the central headquarters if things are really kicking off. But in general they are expected to deal with issues in their area on their own, and encouraged to settle issues with Darokin diplomacy and tact rather than force.   The guard uniform is a recognisable navy serge with quite a military cut, and they have the Toney house crest embroidered on the left breast and shoulder with "Toney Guard" beneath. The guard houses also have this carved into the wall next to the main door and in large wooden carvings on the wall behind the main desk inside.  

Special Units

  Although the constables are responsible for the general policing, they are generalists rather than specialists, and so there are special units attached to the main headquarters who can be sent wherever they are needed.   These include
  • [The Investigative Corps] who are the detectives digging into deeper crimes
  • [The Corruption Corps], digging into embezzlement, bribery and other forms of corruption - although this is well infiltrated by the Thieves' Guild, so the crimes they pick up tend to be the minnows, and larger "crimes" are often set-ups pinned onto inconvenient opponents who may be digging too deep for comfort
  • The Storm Troops, a corps of magic users who are called in to deal with magical problems, large beasts and other incidents too large for the general constables to cope with.
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