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We don't create the law, we only carry out our duty as the enforcer.
-Regalia Officer

No more bullying the weak

  No one is above the law. No more bullying the weak. Regalia consist of a passionate awakened animals that have a strong sense of duty to the mother ship.   Unlike the silver wing that delve into the outer space and bring back information regarding progress. Regalia usually patrols the perimeter of Aranama and rotate on every couple of hours to maintain security and safety inside the ship. Usually people notice Regalia by their scarf, unusual placement from their shoulder and circulate their neck with red crimson color.

Dealing with Regalia

  Usually for the first time offender, Regalia will let them off with verbal warning. Giving the offender a second chance to repair their mistake and not doing it again.   If the crime starts to escalate such as vandalizing public property, stealing rations, or man handling someone. The outcome of the punishment could be varied from taking away the offender secondary need privilege, mandatory community service, or even confinement for couple of days.   Some crimes could be pardoned if the offender paid some penalty fees to the Regalia. This fee will be used for the good of the people. Circulating the funds for district repair or speeding up food research to produce more variety of rations.   Then again, there's one crime that can't be pardon even though you have gazillion credits on your disposal. That's when the offender Kill another resident. This particular crime will not be tolerated and the offender will be publicly banished from the ship. The offender will be ejected from the ship with no safety equipment. Becoming one with the space void.
Government, Law Enforcement

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