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Chew, initiate, do not spit it out— unless you wish to anger the world that bore you as its child.
— A Qrol lekoch
  The Qrol are a zealous group of self-proclaimed "enforcers of the laws of the world" who hunt down and deal "judgment" to those they believe have broken these laws— primarily wielders of manipulative magic. They are one of a few groups that know of magic's existence to begin with— and one of even fewer who use it on a constant basis. However, members are typically tricked into becoming manipulative wielders— the very thing they despise— so that they can actually stand against their foes.  

The Gift

New initiates are subjected to a trial of combat— those who survive are blindfolded, and led into a dark room, where they are fed the hearts of those who did not survive. They are told that the wet, rubbery material being ground between their teeth is a gift from Qet, one that could kill them, should their eyes fall upon it. The eerie warmth emanating from it, they are told, is that of power.  
I can feel the warmth spreading through all of my body, like a fire had been lit in my heart and spread to the outer edges of my being.
— A Qrol Initiate


The Qrol believe that magic is unnatural— and the elders, knowing that it comes from cannibalism, work tirelessly to rid the world of those who obtain it.   While the gift is said to come from Qet itself— an idea tied into the various animistic beliefs shared by many Hontualieu— not all who join the Qrol believe this.   Many hold grudges against manipulative magic wielders, having lost someone or something to one in the past.   Some believe they owe the organization a life debt, after having been saved by some of their members.   Others wish only to gain the power given to initiates. And so, the Qrol consists of a diverse range of people from around the world.
Initiates will then spend the next year being trained by senior members, known as lekochtin. In time, they are told, they, too will become lekochtin. During this year they learn how to use their newfound power, and each day, they are fed meals containing meat. At the end of the year, each should know a handful of spells— though this, they are told, cannot take down those they hunt. Again, they are blindfolded, and fed the gift once more. Now, they can join the hunt in full.  
I am almost eager to consume yet another gift— I can smell it much more clearly, now. I cannot help but lick my lips as I do.
— A Qrol Initiate
  A select few of these initiates will find themselves chosen to gain more gifts— five, to be exact. These become known as touelekochtin— they soon find that they possess greater power, though this comes with a new, strange hunger. The meat in their daily meals is replaced with one they are unfamiliar with— yet they tend to find it delectable nonetheless. They will begin to notice the strange Runes of Qeplue throughout the world— and find themselves subject to the myriad banes the runes may inflict.  
I need more of Qet's gift— my body tells me so.
I try not to listen to the hunger, but in moments of weakness I find myself chewing at my fingers.
— A Qrol Initiate

Runic Protection

The Runes of Qeplue were, in fact, created by the Qrol's founder centuries ago.   Since their creation, they have been carved throughout Qet— impeding and out right protecting others from those who have consumed too many hearts.   Including the Qrol's own members.

Operations & Structure

The Qrol operate primarily within Rqet, though they have travelled to other continents in search of fleeing prey, on a few occasions. Their traditional training grounds has sat for three-hundred years atop a cliff overlooking the city-state of Hontuali, all those who wish to join the Qrol must come here to do so. Outside of this structure, they tend to operate out of large homes owned by other members or grateful persons who had been saved by them in the past.   While they are not well known, they have saved the lives of guards, nobles, and politicians— granting them amnesty when it is most needed. On occasion, however, they discover that someone in a position of power wields manipulative magic— putting them into the difficult position of having to whether or not to continue their hunt, or for their own safety, let it go.   When they do hunt those in positions of power, such as the Tuepluezet priests of Chlotoun, they tend to find themselves banned from the area. Though their attack on the priests was over a century ago, the Qrol are still seen as criminals within the blood-soaked nation.  


The Qrol are led by the eldest lekoch, with the three next eldest serving as their council. Together, they assign others to hunting parties— and regions. Hunting parties themselves are made up of four standard initiates, one touelekoch, and lead by two lekochtin. Lekochtin themselves do not possess manipulative power— as they are aware of the gift's truth.   Instead, they are skilled with the mysterious Runes of Qeplue— and use these to find and entrap their prey. Lekochtin are often chosen via nepotism, or on occasion, plucked from the survivors of a combat trial before they can receive the gift.


All Qrol wrap red-dyed capes with their centers cut out over their shoulders, accompanied by beaded necklaces bearing the organization's symbol— a triangular cactus.   Whatever else they wear is their choice— be it armor, standard robes, or nothing at all. Lekochtin wear a second, pink, cape, which is thinner than the first— matching the space cut from it.   The elders don two of these, and the eldest wears a third, which hangs over their chest, and is braided with various colored beads along its edges.

Becoming the Enemy

Those who have received the gift, especially touelekochtin, often find themselves hungering for more. It is believed that it is inevitable for them to spiral out of control— and they often do. So, the Qrol prefer to put them down before such a day arrives. Lekochtin may withhold aid in battle, simply allowing those they suspect of nearing the edge to die— or they may need to kill them outright.  
I was a cannibal like them, all along. What I received was no gift— it was a curse. I relish the taste, yet I despise myself for giving in to it.
— A touelekoch
  In these cases, runes are carved and set to entrap the wayward initiate which disorient them, slow them down, or outright injure them on sight. These runes become more visible, and more powerful as one consumes more hearts— and so, they can also prove for certain if an initiate has become too far gone. Other initiates are told that their comrades have been led astray, and actively work against their cause. If possible, the hunting party sent to execute the hunger-consumed initiate is not familiar with them— making the job easier.  
I cannot see— the world around me spins. That bright light...the rune— it's burned into my skull! I fear that I deserve this— yet I was led astray by the same ones who taught me that this is wrong. Is this what happened to Cihe? Do I fight? The ground shakes around me as my anger begins to coalesce into action.
— A far-gone touelekoch

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