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The Dark Scions- Mercenary Enforcers

Not much is known about concretely about the Dark Scions. These people have called a collection of islands in the freezing waters of the South Western their home for centuries, and they are not much for words or talking. There are a number of rumors, however, mostly told by sailors who have encountered them on their home islands personally, that tell of their tragic origins.

The Rumored Origin Story

  The World of Fairy is a mythical place only recounted by traveling merchants and storytellers. Most people find these stories fun tales to tell children, and close to everyone believes that this world only exists in the imaginations of creatives and children rather than a real place. The Dark Scions, the Banished, as the tale calls them, will certainly not volunteer whether the World of Fairy exists in actuality or not. For their banishment is a source of shame among all of them and none speak of it.   There are 7 Kingdoms in the World of Fairy. Mulasaol was the home to a collection of warm, volcanic islands and tide pools. Fey that thrived in the water gathered here together and lived harmoniously for millennia. They thrived on a world of cooperation and collective working as one to create their life of ease. These fey would be the most common to travel to the waters of 4 Corners, looking for sailors to guide and help or make deals with, as the fey love to do so much. Sailors loved to yarn tales of the mystical creatures that they had met while navigating the tumultuous waves.    The Scions of that day were jovial creatures, descendants of the Kephalo people who, in their many-legged forms would enjoy the ability to thrive on both land and sea. They were shrewd, clever, and mischievous creatures, yet jovial, and they loved crossing over the thresholds into 4 Corners to find ships to board to laugh and party. These parties were also meant to be distractions to make away with any number of shiny objects they could get their sucker-like appendages that they often illusioned away as hair.    One day, the young leader of the Scions encountered a ship. A pale woman with hair of pure white and eyes of violet was captaining the ship. She welcomed the sea fey onto her ship as guests of honor as they ate and drank and partied into the night. Yet, there was something different about this captain. Despite all the drink they had gone through, the woman did not seem affected by any of it, and her crew also seemed to be completely uninebriated- certainly not an ideal state for making away with treasures. The young scion leader asked, "How is it after a night of celebration you still seem to be so serious?"   The woman responded "Magic and power beyond your wildest dreams. My ship is full of treasures from a land not known by anyone of the 4 Corners that is alive today, and I dare not risk losing any of it. These objects will be placed prominently in a museum, which is where I am going. Were I to lose control you would make away with all of it."   Taken aback by the woman's knowledge of their ploy, the leader asks again "How do you know of our ploy?"   She laughed then said "I know of many fey and their tricks. However, I have a trick of my own- a contract should you choose to take it. Come with me. I have an island full of riches that requires a strong and smart people to guard it. Should you work for me, you will never be want for shiny objects ever again, and you will never have to pull tricks like this one on anyone else."    The scions considered. They loved their tricks and their brilliant home and returning to it. They weren't typically the subjects of contracts. Plenty of other fey were known to do just that. But, then again, why should they be any different? If they don't get everything they want, they were allowed to remove her of her life, it said so right there in the contract. And so, they agreed. A simple job of guarding her things on an island and they would get payment in the form of all the gold and silver and diamonds they could want. And if it were to be proven untrue, they could kill her rightly.    They went to her island- cold, wet, and foggy. There were many caves on this island, all dark, and the stone walls were covered in strange mosses that sang dissonant chords. Deep in the belly of this island, however, the woman proved to be true to her word. A hoard of collected riches that would glimmer if there was any light down here.    The Scions celebrated their joy and luck and went to find a threshold to tell all the fey what they had done. Yet- as they started to cross over, they were met by Sirena- the Queen of their people. "Your deal may have brought you all that you wanted, but it comes at a great cost. Do you not know who you signed your contract with? This woman is a Fiend from another world and she only desires to come to godlike powers at the cost of everyone on that land. You've assisted in her ploy, and so you no longer have a place here. Go work for your white queen, you forfeited your home when you agreed to take up residence in hers."   The portal closed and the Scions were banished to their islands for eternity. And as for the woman in white- she never returned.   

Dark Scions Today

  The Scions now serve as mercenary forces. The Aethelgar family, one of the Noble 6 of the Southern Corner is famous for employing the people whose home islands are not too far off the coast of their home city of Olhamn. They are quiet, gruff, and are intimidating enough that even the most intoxicated of patrons know not to mess with them or to do anything in public that will stir their ire. They all also know never to talk of their origin story within earshot of them as they are highly sensitive of the story to this day. Whether it holds and truth or not, not a single one of the angry creatures will sooner tear you asunder than tell you a yes or no.   Their demand for payment is high, and fortunate for the Aethelgar family, the beer and distilling business keeps them plenty wealthy to maintain the Scion's demand for coin. What they do with the coin and where it goes, however, is not known.

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