The Silver

Magic is dangerous, unpredictable. It is our duty, as civilized people, to shackle it. Freedom is a dream, restraint is a virtue.
— Vail, The Silver High Lord
  After the Fall, magic was a wild, untamed force. Many fledgling kingdoms banned its use and hunted wizards and sorcerers to the fringes of the wilderness. Magic could never be exterminated, however. It is a natural, albeit volatile, force; so are the children of the gods. So life attracts life, and new magic users continued to be born all over the world.   In Balonnor, an organization was founded not to destroy magic users but to control them. They were tasked with the training and monitoring of mages within the kingdom. The Silver Towers were home to all active magic users in Balonnor, functioning much like regular knightly order halls through some vehemently argue they are more like prisons. While some would say that the Silver are draconian in their dealings with magic users the organization disagrees. A skilled warrior may be able to cut down a dozen men a single mage could level a city. So, those who use magic must be monitored, trained, and controlled lest they cause another cataclysm.


Some say that the order was founded by Mad King Hendill, during a time when any use of magic could be a death sentence. However, members of the Silver say they were created by a mage named Galrion Michael. In either case, this was a time of upheaval in Balonnor, when people's fear often led to magic users being burned or tortured to death. Galrion managed to convince the king that he and his students were trusted magic users and they could help route out the foul sorcerers in their midst. To mark themselves as trustworthy, they would wear silver robes.   Though they are not an official part of the Balonnorian courts, the organization has gained significant political power. Now they function as an unofficial branch of law enforcement.

Control the Mind, Command the Storm

Guild, Mages
Alternative Names
The Silver Jailers, The Tarnished


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