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  The Mounties are the last remnants of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, which was the federal law enforcement agency of the Canadian government prior to The Cataclysm. With their small numbers, and the changed conditions of the Wyrd West, the Mounties have abandoned many of the day-to-day policing duties that used to characterize their work. Instead, they have gone back to the roots of the RCMP as a paramilitary force, leaving routine law enforcement to the Gunslinger Order and their deputies.

Public Agenda

The Mounties, also known as the Gendarmerie, work to maintain peace, order, and good government among the manifold individual factions and cultures of The Dominion. They enforce treaties, mediate disputes between factions, and enforce the Law in wilder areas of The Dominion.   The Gunslinger Order and the Mounties occasionally overlap jurisdictions; for instance, if a murderer fled across the Dominion, Mounties might pursue said criminal at the same time that a Gunslinger mounted up a posse. Occasionally this causes tensions between the two law enforcement organizations, but more often, the two groups try to do their best to bring the criminal to justice together. In many cases, a Mountie will turn a suspect over to the Slingers for judgment if the Gunslinger is recognized as a Judge or Magistrate, since they have no legal ability to hear a case.

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Books in the Wyrd West Chronicles



Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West (Wyrd West Chronicles #1-6)


Gunsmoke & Dragonfire (featuring The Teeth of Winter (Wyrd West Chronicles #7)


Maintiens le droit "Uphold the right"

Founding Date
1873 BtF
Government, Law Enforcement
Alternative Names
Mounties, Gendarmes
Parent Organization
The Dominion


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