Church of Scuno


At the head of the church is The Voice with the Right Hand of The Voice and The Spear of the Voice are directly below them. The Voice is the interpreter of the words that Scuno, God of Order and Thunder¬†give to the universe.   The Right Hand of The Voice's job is to see to all clerical duties in running the church while The Spear of the Voice is to oversee the military. This makes 3 departments within the church: The Voice, Spears of Scuno, and the Lawyers of Scuno.   While The Voice has complete control over the church he only attends to the matters of religious sermons and appointing of Priests of Scuno. The Priests spread teachings and discuss matters of the divine will, including the laws of Scuno. High Priests of Scuno are experienced priests in the history of the laws and the interpretations of the holy texts. These priests are the most influential voices just under The Voice. Some Priests even say that it is really the High Priests who make the decisions, not the collective vote of the priests.¬†   Priests will have Pastors that run the actual churches that people attend along with him. At least one priest can be found in major villages while Pastors will be in small hamlets and villages. They speak for The Voice to the people.   The Spears of Scuno are lead by The Spear of The Voice. The Spear has several High Paladin's that command different areas of Scuno territory. They are in charge of several Paladin's which can be assigned to any region under the High Paladin. Paladin's are the enforcers of the Laws of Scuno. The Spear will also have several officers just below him that are in charge of budgets and clerical work.   The Lawyers of Scuno are lead by the Right Hand of the Voice. Just below them are the Captains which commands several Detectives under them. They are responsible for understanding the law and working on individual cases. Scuno commands that one accused of breaking the Laws of Scuno be given a fair chance under the word of his law. This means that a case for breaking the laws of must be defended by a Lawyer of Scuno. The Paladin that uncovered the case and arrested the accused must bring their evidence to a Judge of Scuno. These Judges are appointed by Priests to make a decision when both sides have made their case. Their decision also includes any punishments mandated by the words of Scuno.


With the amount of information that is needed to be memorized, it takes incredible dedication and a very competitive environment. The competitive nature is an attempt to improve the system overall to make it self correcting. This has worked in some spheres, but it also managed to be gamed in some circles for their own benefits. This has led to the organization as a potential protection bracket scheme. Some are hesitant to trust a Paladin of Scuno without knowing their intentions or their dedication.

Public Agenda

As a whole, the Church of Scuno is on a mission to bring Order to the world under the guidance of Scuno. They are also there to protect the worshipers of Scuno.


The Church is incredibly wealthy with the ability to purchase magical items for their Paladin's and facilities to hold the accused. They also purchase buildings and some companies in order to control certain aspects. The most notable is the Drakebender Iron Company which controls the mines in the village of Rivertan. This mine is famous for having Magebane Steel, but also producing iron. The Church took over the industry for Magebane as soon as it was discovered to limit the supply of the material to criminals.   The number of Paladins is always in short supply and recruitment is always ongoing. They have several facilities for training new recruits.

Religious, Holy Order
City of Gold
Alternative Names
Army of Scuno
Leader Title
The Voice
Related Ranks & Titles


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I really like that this is both a religious and lawkeeping order. Really interesting. :)

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