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Perillel Republic Forces

"We are the first line in keeping the peace of Perillel. Do not mistake your responsibility for power; you are not above the law." -Dhel McCannon, PRF Chief of Staff
Military, Space navy


Space Police

  The Perillel Republic does not keep an active military, but has a quite robust police force. The Perillel Republic Forces (PRF) act as both law enforcement and as the systems defense, although there hasn't been an active war between systems in over 100 years. The PRF has been granted supreme executive authority, but have their own internal laws that help mitigate abuse.

Not Overlords

  The PRF Code of Justice, written in 2261, is a set of laws applied to all those within the PRF or its subsidiaries that govern how they must present themselves and when they can exercize executive authority. Although these laws limit the PRF's powers, and changes must be approved by the Perillel Senate, they have been ignored by many in the past, and the public has developed a general distrust for the PRF.

To Fill the Gaps

  Before the introduction of the Code of Justice, the PRF had been considered generally incompetent. Perillel Senate passed the Civilian Advancement to Law Enforcement (CALE) Act in 2256 and the bounty hunter title was created. Now, as the PRF slowly squeezes corruption from its ranks, bounty hunters and PRF troops often bump heads, although cooperation isn't uncommon.



"McCannon may be the best Chief of Staff the PRF has ever had, but his good nature will probably be the death of him." -the Rogue

Black Mark

  The PRF unfortunately has a long history of corruption. In the early days of Perillel the first commissioner (known today as chief of staff) was found guilty of laundering. Within ten years, there was found to be an entire circle of officers who were writing false reports in exchange for credits provided by criminal organizations. More and more of these cases over time led to the public cries for an independent law enforcement body, now the bounty hunters.




Perillel Navy

  The Navy is the main component of the PRF and has the largest body. Their main focus is the defense of Perillel and keeping the peace. They enforce the laws written by the senate but are not allowed to hold trials or hand down punishments on citizens. There is a sub-branch within the Navy, the Marine Corps, which is based on the old American Marines in the Pre-Space Age; they are shock troopers used to quickly overwhelm hostile ships or quell riots.

Civil Integration

  The Department of Civil Integration (DCI) was created alongside the CALE Act to facilitate cooperation between bounty hunters and the PRF. DCI handles requests for security clearances, passing of information, and coordination of operations between the Navy and bounty hunters. The office also coordinates with other civilian entities, such as local governments, to plan building of offices and bases and acts as public affairs.

Intelligence and Surveillance

  The PRF's main intelligence collection agency, the Department of Intelligence and Surveillance (DIS) focuses on intelligence and counter-intelligence. Their main focus is terrorists organizations, such as the Raiders, but are regularly tapped by the Navy for resources on other criminal elements. DIS also handles clandestine human operations, such as undercover officers or local interactions where there is a need for secrecy.

Internal Affairs

  The newest department of the PRF, Internal Affairs (IA) has the responsibility of investigating and rooting out corruption from within the PRF. Previously the job was handled by IS, but Chief of Staff Dhel McCannon separated the office into its own branch to free them from outside influence. IA cannot be limited in power by anyone within the PRF, and can only be dismantled by the Perillel Senate. IA officers are widely trusted by the public.


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