Bounty Hunter

"Getting a bounty hunting license doesn't give you a free pass to break laws, but it does make the law a bit more... ambiguous."   -Leo Knight, veteran bounty hunter
  While the rest of the systems in the galaxy may have well-funded and well-equipped law enforcement agencies, the Perillel Republic Forces have always lacked in certain aspects. Between their small size and various accounts of corruption, as well as the growing number of crimes within the system, the citizens demanded a solution. The Senate passed the Civilian Advancement to Law Enforcement Act in 2256 and the title of bounty hunter was soon commonplace throughout Perillel.  

"We really just let random people go about enforcing law with nothing more than a digital license and no real training?"   -the Rogue 


  In order to obtain a bounty license, there are two tasks; attend a two week course detailing the majority of applicable laws and then retrieve the license.  

Bounty Hunting

  Due to the necessarily dangerous nature of hunting wanted criminals, bounty hunters are given some leeway with many laws. In order to mitigate abuse, if accused of breaking certain laws such as murder, a bounty hunter is viewed as guilty until proven innocent. This led to almost all bounty hunters either wearing cameras, or employing the use of camera drones to record themselves while on the job. As such, although bounty hunters are regularly investigated by the PRF, very rarely are any sentences given.  

Public Opinion

  Bounty hunters have come to be well trusted by the citizens of Eterra and Relm. Thanks to many bounty hunters efforts to stay professional and avoid unnecessary conflict, public opinion is very high of them and often citizens will aid bounty hunters with supplies, discounts, or information.   The public on Journey-2, however, do not think so highly of hunters. The moon is a culmination of people who prefer their privacy, and the bounty hunters who can enter premises without permission or a warrant make the citizens uneasy.
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Information Brokers

  While many citizens are willing to offer up information that will help bounty hunters with their mission, there are specific individuals who are well connected in criminal circles. They offer information to whoever will pay, which often leads to some infighting between hunters going after the same bounty.


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