A Rogue's View of Everything

"If it exists on the internet, the Rogue has commented on it."   -anonymous
Digital Recording, Text


The Breach

  Despite all the newfound digital security technology, breaches in websites are still commonplace. One such instance, or many in this case, is the Rogue's View of Everything, a collection of comments left on thousands of education articles, political statements or videos, and social media posts. The Rogue, as he is known, continuously attacks firewalls and other security barriers in order to leave his mark as farm and wide as possible.

The Rogue

  The Rogue's identity is unknown, and many believe that there is more than one person using the alias. Their methods of attack vary, and they seemingly post contradictory views. But the format and layout is consistent, implying either the original Rogue has lent resources to the other potential commenters, or every user has put in a lot of effort to recreate the original style.

Why He Writes

  Much of the populace agrees the Rogue likely views themselves as "woke" or "enlightened", and suspect they view the general public as needing education. Despite how widespread the Rogue's comments are, many just choose to ignore them, although some will leave aggressive comments aimed towards the Rogue. A small group of people think perhaps the Rogue is communicating in a secret code and seeking new members for an underground organization.

The Rogue's Comments

"Have you ever considered that the PRF consistently uses excessive force to subdue 'criminals' despite having many less aggressive and harmful tools at their disposal?"   -On the Perillel Republic Forces homepage
"Senator Palpatine has been in office for over 40 years and hasn't changed anything... And now he wants to be president!"       -On Senator Palpatine's Campaign video
"If not for the consistent flow of credits to the people by the Syndicate, the only people who could afford a roof over their heads would be the real criminals; politicians."   -On the Perillel Voting System website
"Perhaps I have previously been too critical of the Thugs; the more power the Senate gains here is Perillel, the higher the desire to have firearms. I imagine the feeling is ten-fold somewhere like Earth."   -On a news article covering the illegal arms trade


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14 Jul, 2020 09:57

I love this idea. I've been enjoying reading the Rogue's comments on your articles. :)

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