When one comes to the Black Market, there are no eyes upon you, no fingers pointing—regardless of what your reputation may have been before.   For in the depths of the market, all believe in forgiveness.   The Gypsies were shown mercy.   The Gypsies were protected.   The Gypsies were cherished and treasured.   So the Gypsies do the same.   All are welcome who will obey The Word.

Order in Being

Sänä [sah-nah] or ‘The Word’/‘Word of the last’ are a group of men, hand-picked by the TUÄ himself, IYL-Maddok. Chosen for their strength and stability of character, a moral compass and unyielding dedication to principles over personalities, these men study market law and its application to the people.   Though you will find the Gypsy people a law abiding society—what sets the Sänä apart from their brothers and sisters in most instances is that the law is not something they do, but something they are. These remarkable guards understand both the letter and the spirit of their law, making them the judge, jury, and executioner in virtually every case.   This leaves the Triad free to judge the more difficult cases brought before them.  

Tools of the Stewardship

To be a Sänä is to be given a sacred ‘stewardship’ or responsibility where those in leadership positions both trust and uphold you in the bounds of your calling. To be a Sänä, is to have the ear of the people and a charge to keep all safe while mingling together—including those who may be seeking a second chance from the world above.   With this responsibility comes a set of tools few will see outside the Sänä. Namely the use of a Soul Staff, a Soul Spike, a Whisper Blade, and Yuel .   Coupled with exceptional skills in close-quarters hand to hand combat, the Sänä are a force to be both respected and feared.

Sänä Requirements

  • Minimum age of 25
  • Worked a minimum of one year with The Registry
  • Worked a minimum of one year with Port Key Depository (using the Box)
  • Studied and learned how to construct a Yuel
  • Studied the Way of the Blade
  • Passed the Test of the Embrace
  • Received the blessing of the Elder Women (the study of arcane ways)

Use of Magic

The Sänä are knowledgable in many aspect of the arcane, though most a person may witness will fall under their own cultural teachings and not something one is likely to find from the University of Magic.  

Final Judgement

It should be noted here that a ‘final judgement’ is never passed without the approval of the Triad. Should a person be worthy of death, but final judgement not passed by the council, a Sänä will dispatch the guilty, but leave their soul intact—usually with a whisper blade.

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