Atharian Navy

Atharia we protect.
— Motto of the Atharian Navy
  The Atharian Navy is who guard and patrols the surrounding area of the plane of Atharia. It is a state run organization who is tasked not only to protect Atharia, but to enforce her laws.  


The navy's supreme leader is the Queen Arcaena of the Whitewillow Dynasty; however the one who manages the navy is the Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Marson. The Queen would issue an order to the Admiral, then it is up to the Admiral of the Fleet to get the job done by consulting their advisors, forming strategies and issuing the necessary tasks. Orders from the top can be pretty vague, but as they get passed down the hierarchy they become more specific to the tasks required.    


Knowing the boys and girls of the navy go out into the Cosmic Sea, putting themselves ahead of danger everyday. It's why I support the Navy, not those crusader types
— A supporter of the Navy.
The Atharian Navy was founded in 869, when the first Planeships were being built. The King at the time recognised the Plane needed to be protected by the dangers of the Cosmic Sea. Taria's Order did extend their offer to help, but the King declined. Since then there have been a rivalry between the Navy and the Order.   One of the duties of the Navy is to investigate Planeships which are approaching Atharia, as well as protecting them from any beasts or bandits to lurk within the Cosmic Sea. It is the Naval ships responsibility to ensure the approaching planeship is legit; i.e it does not contain any contraband or is deemed as a danger to the people of the plane. The Navy does have the authorisation to fire upon a planeship, if they deem it necessary to. So when one approaches Atharia, they are wise to be prepared for a naval ship to inspect them.
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List of Ranks

From highest to lowest:
  • Admiral of the Fleet
  • Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Shipman
  • Cadet


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