Royal enforcers of law

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The royal enforcers of law was created as an organisation to enforce the laws of the land. It consists of a branch with magic wielders, called law mages and one mundane one that deals with the smaller cases and it also serves to oversee the law mages.

It is very well known, due to the fact that everyone interacts with one of its members at least a few times per year. Commonly these interactions are complaints raised that need to be processed and evidence secured.

Many within the organisation beleive that its purpose is too broad, making it difficult to find educated people to deal with all of the duties.

Furthermore, those outside of the organisation think that it is too powerful with too little oversight. Even though these complaints have been brought forward to the king, action has only been promised, but not yet delivered.

Thankfully there have been no major incidents where the powers have been abused, at least not in such a way that it became publically known. That might be due to the fact that many people live in more rural areas where it is relatively easy to prevent news from spreading.

Becoming a part of the organisation is varyingly difficult depending on the size of the settlement and the amount of crime in the area. Becomign a law mage is very difficult due to the fact that one needs potent magic in order to be acepted into those ranks.

Serve the law, serve society

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