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Republic Enforcement Brigade

The Republic Enforcement Brigade is a organization based out of Querenth. It mostly deals with high level organized crime in Querenth, but is often active in other parts of the republic. It's not a large organization, but it is well-armed and well trained. They have existed for well over thirty years and gone through multiple generations. This has made them adapt their tactics and made them quite dangerous to criminals.    


The R.E.B's main duties are to find and dismantle large scale criminal organizations. They usually do this by infiltrating crime syndicates and dismantling them from the inside by either taking out leaders, (this is not one of their official duties since it involves killing. Something the republic would never admit to doing.) or by raiding high-level meetings. Taking out the source of the problem is their go-to tactic in taking out organized crime. They usually help with other things like patrolling streets, terrorist attacks, and intelligence on other countries.  

R.E.B officers

Officers of the R.E.B are trained vigorously before attending active duty. They pick the best candidates from military academies around the republic before giving them more training at headquarters in Querenth. They learn Dekken, and get trained in entry tactics as well as using automatic crossbows. Their most important skill is infiltration though so most of their time will be spent on that. The team of the R.E.B consists of around 150 members who work in fifteen different teams. All teams work together but are somewhat independent.
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