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House of Thrones

The House of Thrones is a law-enforcing body in the Clarkwoods Literary Universe. The seven members of this organization meet in person once per year for a game that helps to determine who will rule the seven kingdoms that the Gamemaster has determined to be the most influential in existence.


In the Earth-669 iteration of reality, the Gamemaster is The One True Goddess. And she has selected Five-Card Draw as her game of choice.


It is the Goddess’ belief that by dominating the seven member kingdoms she chooses, she can by extension control the whole of the universe. To paraphrase Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars, these regional governors have direct control over the civilizations in their territories. And fear of these governors—the fear they pass down from the Goddess herself—will keep the millions of individual nations in line.



As of the beginning of the short story “House of Thrones, Game of Cards,” the members of House of Thrones are:

  • Merama, a woman with a painted face who is more interested in her fellow members than in playing the game;
  • Nergard, a man with a wild tangle of red hair who is constantly “stewing”;
  • Roway, the so-called “crowned jester,” who is particularly susceptible to the flirtations of the aforementioned Merama;
  • Srima, a stoic woman who wears a kimono;
  • The Turbaned Man, an unnamed man who arrives with a servant called Upar carrying his throne;
  • Tyon, addressed as Gentleman Tyon; and,
  • Yona, queen of Onterey.

The Authority of the Goddess

According to “House of Thrones, Game of Cards,” the authority of the One True Goddess was established when she beat the dealer in the House’s game of five-card draw—the last person in history to have done so. It is therefore possible that a more benevolent leader could be elevated to the leadership of the House, but the Goddess seems very unconcerned that this will ever happen.


Of course, it has happened at least once before—the Goddess herself is proof of that—so never say never.

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