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Tokensaturn Force

Organization of Tokensaturn Government

Tokensaturn is split into ten districts, each run by a leader called a Red. The Red of a district oversees a council made up of four gray and fourn silver skees. The Red and the Council for each district also oversee a force of ten sentinels, black skee that handle petty arguments and basic law enforcement.   Above these ten districts is the Tokensaturn Red, Tokensaturn Court (made up of a grey and a silver skee from each district), and fifty city sentinels, called The Force. All Force skees are superior to district sentinels.  


The daily duties of district sentinels involve patrolling their district and preventing crime. They also settle petty arguments and occasionally do guard work against predators, especially if the district lies on the edge of Tokensaturn. In contrast, the Force primarily works as both broad defense against predators, keeps district sentinels in check, and act as jury to the Tokensaturn Court.  


Set up around the borders of Tokensaturn and surrounding farmland is a defense patrol where force members keep an eye out for predators such as lions, foxes, and wolves. Very few wild animals attempt to venture deep into the city, but often they will attempt to pick off the more scattered skee on the edges. Force Sentinels are trained both to fend off these giant animals, and there are various traps and triggers set up around Tokensaturn that only sentinels are authorized to set off.  

District Accountability

If a complaint is made about a district sentinel, it is made to a district Red, who then reports it to the Force so that they can do a more thorough investigation on the situation. If a district sentinel is caught doing something underhanded by a Force sentinel at any time, the Force has the authority to arrest the offender immediately.  


An arrested skee goes to the district council for judgement first, unless there is a squabble between skee between multiple districts. In this case, or in the case that a district council cannot come to a just decision, the case is sent to the Tokensaturn Court, where council members act as judge, and Force sentinels act as jury.  


In theory, the Force Sentinels are owned by the city, and meant to serve their people. However, more and more skee have begun to speak up about the Force's lack in keeping district sentinels accountable. Many skee also believe it is unjust that the people who make arrests are the same skee that act as jury. As this unrest grows louder, some arrests for troublemaking have been made, causing more outrage.  


Some skee have begun publishing anonymous critiques of the Tokensaturn City justice system. The Skee Library refuses to accept most of these publications, and so they can often be found attached to trees around the city before being removed by sentinels.

Black Fur

Force skees all have black fur because of skee ideas about how coat color affects personality. Black skees are believed to protective, take quick action, and be more interested in the interests of others than the interests of themselves.   Because of this belief, it is difficult to critique the actions of the Force and other sentinels. Most skee are under the impression that sentinel can do no wrong and are difficult to corrupt. Any suggestion that a sentinel may have taken an action for their own personal gain, or did not consider the interests of all skee involved is often met with ridicule.
Government, Law Enforcement
Training Level
Force Sentinel

Mark of Honor

A Force Sentinel is identifiable by a brand on their right shoulder. Most Force sentinels become one by graduating from being a district sentinel, who are marked on their left shoulder with their district tag. This branding denotes responsibility and ownership by the city, and is meant to remind the skee of the power that comes with being a Sentinel.  

A Force Sentinel's Schedule

Force Sentinels are split into three eight hour shifts. The shift changes overlap each other so that there is not one large shift change. In an eight day period, a Force sentinel generally works five patrol shifts, two jury shifts, and has the remaining day free, though even an off-duty Force sentinel has the power to make decisions if he or she so chooses.

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Author's Notes

This article was originally created for World Anvil Summer Camp 2020 for the prompt: Describe a law enforcing organization within your world and how they operate.

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