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Sajhdula City Guard

The Sajhdulan City Guard is the law enforcement of the city. It is their job to keep the citizens of Sajhdula safe. This involves patrolling the streets, guarding prisoners, or carrying out the Oracle's orders after she has been in consultation.



The head of the city guard is the Oracle herself. Het seer ability allows her to see crimes among other things. Every day citizens come to her for consultation. This might simply be to find a misplaced item. Although sometimes this may turn out to involve a theft. Others come to her to report a missing person when the city guard fails to find this person. Domestic abuse is also something people consult the oracle about. This could be a grandmother concerned for her grandchildren, or the victim of the abuse themselves.


The General of Sajhdula, or High General, oversees not only the city guard but also the Oracle Guard, the army and the navy. He is the direct line to the Oracle. He is present during any meetings involving military or law enforcement topics.


The General of the City Guard is directly beneath the General of Sajhdula in rank. He is the one who will communicate with his commanders about any tasks they have been given by the Oracle and the High General. During any meetings concerning law enforcement the General of the City Guard will be present.


Each district in Sajhdula has their own Captain of the guard. They work with their team of guards to ensure the safety of their district.


The Senior-Lieutenant stands directly beneath the Captain. They work closely together however. When the Captain of a district is unable to do their job due to ilness or injury the lieutenant must be able to temporarly take over his function.


Each district has three lieutenants. They each lead their own team of sergeants and constables.  

Sergeant and constable

Sergeant is one step up from Constable. The difference between both ranks is their years in function. Although gaining the rank of sergeant can also come from proving how good you are at your job.
Founding Date
1 AP
Government, Law Enforcement
Parent Organization
The citizens of Sajhdula put a lot of faith into their Oracle. She is the only one who can see her visions. What if she doesn't always tell the truth?
— Sailor docked in Sajhdula's harbor

The Oracle of Sajhdula
Character | Jul 18, 2021

An immortal woman who is worshipped as a Goddess in Sajhdula. She can see the past, present, and future.

Can you keep it down please! Don't let these people hear you talking about her like that. I don't want to spend the rest of my days in some filthy cell beneath the city.
— His buddy and fellow crewmember


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