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Perduro Anthem

Written by Barron


The Mining Colony on Perduro established their Anthem when they established their independence. This was not a happy occassion, as it followed the panic-enducing time of the Melancholic Lacuna. It was the same fateful day when Perduro, so reliant on its trade with other worlds came to the realization that their wayhall had closed. They were alone, and they had not prepared their world to survive on their own. Mobs began to form from the panicked citizenry, hording food and supplies in preparation to revert to tribal surival.  
I will not die because of someone elses mistake. Perduro will live. I will live.
Digger was not one to take this sitting down. He had not lived so long to let his life die away on a rioting rock isolated from the universe at large. He took to the streets, shovel in tow and a microphone broadcasting to the entire planet. The world stood still at the booming authority of his voice. He so rarely spoke in public, but when he did it, it was followed by a massive event.  
People of Perduro! We will not fall! We will not lose our hope and our ways because of the failure of others! We will survive, we will endure! We are Perduro, we are our own planet and we will persevere!
The people watched awestruck as Digger approached undeveloped hills, manipulating them like men kick over anthills. He constructed fields, and infrastructure. He broke Perduro's reliance on others one hefty swing at a time. All the while he sang the new song of Perduro, he sung for their survival, for their strength. Halfway through the anthem, others joined him in his efforts. By the end of the day, the planet was ready to survive. Farms were established, livestock was corralled. Perduro would survive, and the anthem would remain to the present day and beyond.
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