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Summer Camp 2018

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Share a short poem, haiku or song that was written by someone in your world.
A total of 143 entries

Sombras en la bruma (Canción popular)

The Winter of the Spear

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I morn what you are

The Dwarves of the Gilded Forges

Les bannis dans les tomes célèstes

The Making and Un-Making of the World

Lay of Logha the Wise

Run Little Man Run (Song)

Mawb Prayer of Repentance

STUB - Fair Havens and Fal

A Renga by a dwarf sailor

Equine Imperium Ode

Le Règne de l'Hiver

Poem of the Starlit Path

Painel pyeno Buyke

"The Things I Love II - Seasons" by unknown author

Cançó de bressol

A crumpled piece of paper?

"Arise our Nation, defend your Fatherland"

The wolf and the witch

The Legendary Duo

The First Prophecy

When the Planes Align

The Thrill of the Fall

The Never-Ending Harvest

The Sound of Swordsfall

When Snakes Go Crawling Home

Whalesong capture KWSB47, the "Heart recording"

When Jyckena comes again

Stjørnur Sjógvur

Common Tavern Songs of Bloodmarsh

The Death Song of Talfryn, Talfrith's Son

The Manifesto of the Rito

Out of the Sea (The Return of the Serpent of the Tide)

Return to the Land of Blood and Honey

Song To My Daughter

In Dreams We Met

The Ballad of Lord Theran

The Liar with a Lyre

A Earth Man By Walter Red

The Voice of Humans

Light in the Shadows

Prophesy of Endings

Grukzan Sulmog/Grukzan's Raid

The Ballad Of Death And Life

Here I Stand, Here We Stand

The King is dead, the King rises

A Lie and a Truth

A Mortal, Fighting In A War Between Gods

Night's Command Poem

Stray in the Void

When Gold Scales Return

The Bonny Trees O'Willowood

The four united countries

Song of Captain Swift

"A Little Dwarven Lass"

Ballad of Ulaan-övs

The Lonely Path (Folk Poem)

The Demon Slayers of Axbury

Frostbiter: A Dwarven Folk Song

Competition of the Singing Hawk vs the Raising Wolf

Do Not Test the Flames

Libations to the Blackcrown

The Ballad of Life and Death

The Beau Mont Splender

Magician in the Misty Wood (Poem)

Song: "Lonely Brother"

The Poem of the Imp

The Songs of the Lost Heirs

The Tale of Caballarius and Seque

The Crown of the Mountain

The Sailor Still Sings

The Fisherman's Catch

For the Rose blooms

Songs of the Last Summer

Vigor's Call to Action

On Deities: A Theologian's Analyses

The Drinking Song of Elias Terres

The Ballad of Belladonna

A study of "Two Queens Meet"

Shadows of the Talam

*Legend of the Dragon Scales

The Elegy of Tumult.

Chant of Immortality

Lullaby of the Mages

Moonsfire Night Ballad

Lament for the East