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As the Hya arrived,   we knew it was late,   all wars were lost.     It was late, again,   we all would perish,   But our hope.     Even if it got destroyed,   our faith already is, too,   our soul, dead.     One light was born,   the blues came,   as a candle in midnight.     They kept coming,   again and again,   but we fought as we lived,   as it started to collapse,   as a leaf in fall.     Adamio won against Dakkor,   light over darkness,   people against others/ strangers,   we against them.   […]

The revelation was a poem in Old Kari, the predecesor of todays Kari. It was wrote by an unknown soldier and found under a destroyed A100 in the deserts of Yaith. It can be found in the Tomb of Patriots in Granto as a way to remember the fallen rebels that fought and won against The Empire ---------- Hya refers to The Hya Battlecruiser, when it was inaugurated in Almoir. Soldiers in the battlefield started to demoralize as bigger and bigger ships arrived to their locations, but that changed when the Blues (The members of the Taskforce One, as Eylya Haku changed sides and helped them. ---------- Koffte is a word which describes a situation while playing Kaba in which a team, manages to make a comeback, loosing the first game but finally winning. This is what happened to The Empire in the Colonies Revolution. First, the elite troops were deployed in all fronts, but as them started to die, recruits have to be moved into the frontline, and then The Empire started to loose, as all rebels were elite trained troops as they were volunteers with already owned guns and light attack ships.


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