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Adamio is a blue metal, found in Adamio, an Icy planet. It is unknown whether the planet was named after a big quantity of material in it, or the material was named after being discovered in the planet.


Physical & Chemical Properties

One singularity is the fact that this material can be mold without being melted, but hit. This makes the material keep its inicial characteristics without any intermediate process, because it has no internat pressures when being hit into a new shape.

Geology & Geography

Usually, it is found in very deep, massive subterranean mines. These mines usually are deep inside huge mountain ranges or in places where those used to be.

History & Usage


Its discovery in unknown, but ancient civilizations transformed the raw "bubble chains" into spears, axes or more complex intruments.

Everyday use

it is used in the process of making bullets, either old fasion bullets or huge railgun proyectiles. Either way, this metal is easy to shape and hard enought, so it is good to use at war. Also, it is used to make jewelry, swords, gears, instruments, personal devices and other specific things.


Sometimes, the material can be found mixed with other metals, creating unique alloys that are consistent along the zone of the planet in which it is extracted. Some alloys are really expensive, as they have precious characteristics that collectionists like in the raw form, but other alloys are expensive because they are great for making really specific items.

Manufacturing & Products

Mostly bullets, but also knifes, jewelry, technology, and swords.

Reusability & Recycling

It is 100% recyclable, but since its not-that-much rare, people usually do not recycle it.
Easy to found in some planets, but mostly it is found in alloys with a lot of elements.
Metal dark blue
Common State
Solid, in multispherical ores, as if it was made out of joined bubbles of metal. These "bubble chains" can be from 5 cm up to a few meters long and wide.

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