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Kaba is probably the most common type of gambling in the galaxy. Also know as Kabul, it was officially introduced in the gambling world in casinos of Luft. It is considered a sport, as people can play it with money, but also with plastic chips.


It is thought that Kaba started as a time killer for soldiers in ancient wars, as they played it with rocks, painted with patterns. Those patterns evolved into the well known Kabul deck.


At the start of every game, one house is picked blindly and secretly by the captain of each team so that the other teams don't know which one is it. The objective is to win by having the most points. Each card has its own value, that counts as points, but if the card is not from the house that the team has picked, it substracts that amount of points from the total score of the team. The players can talk between each other in order to tell each other what to do   Then, the game starts, and each player is given two cards. Now the first betting round starts, as each team can enter the game (Go), raise the amount of money (Raise) or decide not to play this game (Leave). From here, two rounds will be played by the teams that have bet. This is the sequence: Grab, Interchange, Trade, Bet.  

    • Grab: Each player must grab, in order, a card from the deck.
    • Interchange: Each player, all at the same time, must pass a card to the player to the right.
    • Trade: Each player has the chance to discard one card and grab another from the deck (Trade) or do nothing (Stay)
    • Bet: Each team must bet the same amount of money in order to keep playing, as they can Go, Raise or Leave.
Afer each person has got four cards, the game ends, and the points are counted. The team with the most points takes it all. A team loses when it loses all its money, but a team can also leave the table if a game is not being played at that moment.

Components and tools

The only required item is a Kabul deck of cards. The deck is composed of houses, one for each team playing, and in most of the cases, each house is sold individually, as it depends on the number of players. Theoretically, there may be an infinite number of teams playing in the same game, but the number of teams usually is four, six or eight. Four is the most common option among casinos and professional players.   Each house is made of 10 cards, as they count for points.


Teams made by pairs compete against each other, one person of each team is the captain. He is the only one able to talk and bet. In the 8 player version (the most used) the player of the team (1,2,3,4) are in this order: 1-2-3-4-2-1-4-3. This patron is used because:   1) between members of the same pair, there are 2 players from one side and 4 from the other, making the game more balanced.   2) players of the same pair don't have the same opposing team to the left and right, making it difficult to do "focus fire" from one team to another.


By general rule, cameras, spectators or robots are constantly watching for posible cheats.

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