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The four united countries

The most known song in the four countries is The Four United Countries. Here is the song.   We four countries shall not be divided we have an unbreaking bond. We live in the glorious waters to the beautiful forests and in the fire of the volcanoes and the wonder full land of air. We stand together with an un breakable bond that evil should cower in fear and sorrender quickly or be destroyed.   It was wrote by Jackson firecat it was his first song and was wrote ten days after the fight against Surtr. He wrote two hundred copies and he thought the they wouldn't all get sold butt he was wrong all of them did get sold and was a really great hit that people asked for more copies. People said that his music was great and good basics for learning the paonio he wrote twenty other songs. Some of these songs are rogas grace, bragons healing and ash upon the moon. Some bragons even buy his music. It has also converted solders to protect people and other things. There was a very good music wrighter named Gordon the is excellent at writing music he is a dragon he helped Jackson a lot. He even bid private lessons with him. The song is really popular that eighty precent of the world loves it. Jackson lived in the land of air he also has a special resting place in the history of music museum. He even sold some in the vortex that was one of his exspensive copies he ever did. Kings and queens even like to play the music with friends and at party's. People still remember the song in there hearts and sing it every month at the city council meeting around the world.


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