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Song: "Lonely Brother"

In its original Ahknan:

Sosa'n'kin talhal ikvea

So-ta-tasa ky'na sanyea

Mekh ten khavan'na jukhrais-te-gahn

Mekh te beysh gheda on l'enrhaikas


Goodbye, my lonely brother

I'll see you and mother, too

When the days break and wash away

When the fall comes to our home

This is a popular song of loneliness, originating from Casca and often used to help practice the perfection of a singing voice. The typical style for Cascan singing is drawn out and monotone. It focuses heavily on breath control, which is said to be similar to magic control, and so people often view it as important to practice and perfect. The goal is to draw out a line of the song with all the breath one has, so that, by the time the line is finished, the breath is as well. Because of this, songs are often short like this one, which remains officially untitled, but is most commonly referred to as "Lonely Brother" or "Goodbye."  

This song was written by a man whose name was not remembered, but who people know did come up with it during the turmoil and bloodshed of the seer hunts. To many people, it serves as a historical reminder for this reason. A first-person account, many think, of someone who sang about what they were seeing around them, and what hopes or lack thereof they had for their family's survival. To others, however, it depicts a sort of homecoming. Someone is lost and is trying to find their way back home before their home disappears. With this interpretation, it becomes a song of perseverance and quiet execution of a long-standing goal, detoning tones of enduring hardships and determination in a peaceful, Cascan way. Both of these popular interpretations, however, keep the values of family and home close to heart, as the "mother" and "brother" mentioned in the song are the creator's obvious driving force and motivation


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