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The Songs of the Lost Heirs

Or the Rumour of the Dark-Haired Girl

Edited by Lady Brie. Thanks to V. Kathie for providing some of the material.

Song of the Hero

  The girl of darkest hair​, Mountain raised and bred, Shall raise her blazing eyes, And unite the east and west.   A wild girl she shall be, Strong, and lithe, and great, Peace to people she will bring, Sorrow and trouble reshape.   She will rise to height unknown, Claiming heritages from both, Stony city and watery citadel, To her they will be showed.   The golden girl there also is, But fight she never will. If she is not destroyed, it be Only be sister's bond and skill.  

The Rhyme of Katheyna Vana

  Swirls of light and shadows meet across the dark its sorrow keep the shadows snatch upon the air it takes away the kingdom's heir   The kingdom sleeps its sorrow wakes the beast of all its nature takes The shadows swirl as phantoms flee with the sisters royal across the sea   Morning doves in bright array shall return abright to us one day wings clipped no more their wings shall press Away all fear and this dark recess   Then shall the peace rise, take hold to last until the heirs grow old Then on we hope, that when they've passed that this shall be true peace at last.

The origins of these rhymes uncertain, and its interpretations vary. The first is rarely taken entirely literally. Most people think that the 'blazing eyes' mentioned, are, in actual fact, green. The second is never taken as more than a odd sort of nursery rhyme, though to my mind it seem to complex in language for the nursery.   The connection between the two is rather tenuous, but the local people like to group them together as referring to the same thing.


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