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Out of the Sea (The Return of the Serpent of the Tide)

The Doom of the World and the Return of the Serpent of the Tide

"The sun shall set,
and be seen no more.
The moon shall fade,
beyond the dark.
And with the light and darkness gone,
the waves shall swell and grow.   And words shall fade,
from the page.
The hammer will strike,
and melt to paste.
The fire that burned to keep us warm,
will die and burn no more.   Across the woods,
and through the trees.
Over peaks,
and mountainstone.
The waves will eat with their desire,
and none shall stand between.   For none shall come,
to save the day.
The prayers will ring,
without return.
The five won't hear for they are gone,
and left no place to hide.   Out of the sea,
as the tides run wild.
Out of the sea,
as land is gone.
Out of the sea the doom will come,
The Serpent of the Tide."

Related Information

This short song speaks of the day the world will end, as the Serpent of the Tide ( The Draumr ), will rise up and out of the waters of Vyngaard, according to Astrosa belief.   This directly contests with the doomsday scenario of Apphinero belief, where the world shall end the day the tail of the Tideserpent passes through Aldinnhalldr at last, and the vortex upon which all realms exists will dissapate and cast all realms across the Brýnnbjord, ending all life.


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