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A Earth Man By Walter Red

A Goodman goes to war to protect those of his kin and for no other. A Decent man will fight when called to. An honorable man spares those broken. A Man is he if does all such of these.   As I stand on this rocky mound surrounded by death. Smoldering, smoking, burning, crushing, breaking. All around, All around me for as far as I can see.   No Goodman could have done this. No Decent man would have done this. An honorable man would have instead died. No man is he who did this.   But what is he then if he is no man. A Machine?. No, a Machine is calculating. A Monster?. No, a Monster still needs to feed here there is nothing left for such a beast. A Devil?. No, the Devil would find such an act to be detestable even such himself done no such worse as this.   Perhaps he is no such being we know or think we do. He is but SIN incarnate. The Pride. The Sloth. The Lust. The gluttony. The Greed. The Envy. And the Wrath.   A being known and heard of by all but never seen such as him, the Pride of his assuredness in his justifiability. His Sloth the aversion to meet in combat as any man would choose. His lust for power and reverence and a commander and general an admiral even. His Gluttony striking out rashly as to collect the fruits of his goal and revel in its taste. His Greed grasping gripping for that which our home has not just of Minerals and ore but ideals, freedom and a brotherhood. His Envy of our advancements and our sense of self, its Wrath destruction of our homes, towns, schools, stations even our own ships to force its rule on us.   All should know such the combination of the sin once known to those old and grey such as me. But known to the young as an Earth Man. A soldier of the "Human Alliance," but no alliance of humanity is it such. An Alliance yes but of Earths. It's colonies built in subservience it. An Empire of earth not of humanity those born beyond it impure. only those of earth are Humans. we rest are but lesser.   Rember this if at all Remember their sins Remember what we are to them And ask yourself what are you.... And to what your are owed and should have by right....

Written by Walter Red. 10 days after to the Phobos incident on Mars, the work expresses his deep hatred for the Human Alliance as his distinction of an Earth Man


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