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The Manifesto of the Rito

Hear me O Hyrule,
for a tale old as time.
A tale of my people,
and a tale of your crimes.
  Born from the Zora,
once proud and so bold,
now squalid and suffering,
now sad and now old.
  Our children go hungry,
our elderly so weak,
our strong cannot work,
our situation so bleak.
  Why must we suffer,
this question I ask you?
Are we cursed by the Goddess?
Can this really be true?
  Us Rito: pious and caring,
we certainly don't stress.
Is this not what the Goddess,
wish all men to possess?
  We are stamped down by Hyrule,
exploited by our own.
Refuge from our cousins?
Who knows when they'll atone?
  We trusted a monster,
we trusted a snake,
We trusted men to care,
they cared for their sake.
Us Rito must rise,
like the peaking of the sun.
We only have each other,
this battle must be won.
  Say no to these snakes,
say no to their greed.
They'll rob all your children,
to satiate their need.
  Refuse their advances,
refuse their siren's call.
It's not only about you,
we must fight for us all.
  Spread your wings, now,
spread them with pride.
We Rito refuse to be exploited,
we are taking back our tribe!
  Remember Master Revali,
a champion among men.
He would feel shame,
if this happened to us then.
  We will overcome,
if it takes our last breath.
For we are the Rito,
and we do not fear death.
  We must bask in our history,
we must bask in that glory.
Do not let these robbers,
pen the last of our story.

This ballad was written by Ozli Azur in response to the exploitation that he and his fellow Rito workers were enduring while working for C.A.P.S. Ozli was catapulted to the forefront of the movement for fair treatment as one of the few who openly criticized their conditions, as well as their boss Mr. Perelli, and so he wrote this song as a rallying cry and message to all about their plight.


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