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The Tale of Caballarius and Seque

One day the Four Riders of the Apocalypse came riding on their steeds to destroy the Earth. War’s horse was fiery, deeply red, and belligerent, rearing its head and impatiently stamping its hooves when stationary, eager for action. It would snort and whinny powerfully, its own personal war cry. Death’s horse was a cold and unforgiving shade of white, much like that of oblivion, with black hole eyes and mane. It was the calmest of the four horses for it knew, much like its master, that all would fall prey to it eventually. Famine’s horse was black as void and thin as bone and absolutely mad with hunger. It would stare obsessively at whatever lay before it, imagining the taste of it and the feeling of devouring it bite by bite, which would often drive this horse to insanity where it would bite itself, trying to tear off its own flesh but lacking enough body, it would never succeed. Pestilence’s horse was an aqua shade of cancer and sick, with its flesh rotting and re-growing and fluctuating at so many inconsistent rates. This horse was the most peaceful amongst the four of them, which made it all the more frightening that it did not bat an eye at its distraught state, and would often sniff around itself, absolutely ecstatic at the unpolluted things around it, and it would watch curiously as it’s taint would infect everything around it, its favorite phenomenon to observe in its life. Each horse left behind a trail of destruction in its wake; War left a mass of thunderous flames that engulfed everything it touched, Death left behind it a trail of ice that was more like glass in nature, Famine left behind vacuum that would never be able to be filled by anything, and Pestilence left behind a bilious mixture of its own flesh and fluids spreading it’s plague behind it.   On the day these omens appeared on our horizon, a great panic consumed the world and all fell and cowered before the impending doom.   Except for one.   His name was Caballarius, and while he was neither a Hercules with muscle nor a Daedalus with brain and wit, he was the finest Horse Master in the world. He concocted a simple plan that would be able to hold off the Four Fell Demons so that humanity could live a long and bountiful life. Caballarius mounted his swiftest, strongest, and most loyal steed, Seque. Seque was a noble horse with a fine grey coat and was so strong and swift that when she ran, the solid ground beneath her hooves was pulverized into a fine dust. Caballarius and Seque rode to meet the Four Horsemen on the black line of the horizon during dawn, and made a bet to the Four Horsemen. ‘I wager my life, that my horse Seque is a swifter, stronger, and more enduring horse than any of yours War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence!’ shouted Caballarius. Deep down he felt fear, facing these four Gods of Apocalypse and their fearsome beasts, but Caballarius steeled himself, knowing that now was not the time to show weakness. The Four Riders laughed, sounding of a deranged chorus of perverse joy, as their Steeds made noises similar to their masters. ‘Foolish child!’ they simultaneously cried at Caballarius. ‘No ride, beast nor machine, is superior to our Horses!’ Caballarius looked at the Riders and their steeds and matched their laughter, something no being had ever done before, leaving the Riders stunned. ‘I admit your steeds are of noble and ethereal stock, but my Seque is a greater creature than the likes of Pegasus, Silili, Shadowfax, Beau, Hengroen, and any other noble horse you can name!’ laughed Caballarius, while Seque reared onto its hind legs, letting out a majestic cry and it was in that moment that the Four Riders saw the majesty of this horse and a small hint of Caballarius’ boasts took root in their minds.   War was the first to reply, bellowing ‘Perhaps I was too hasty in my declaration. Your horse is a fine creature and it would be a fine addition to my Equestrian collection!’. ‘Hold your tongue! This horse shall belong to me! You should be content with your fiery and impatient steed!’ shot Death in an acid fashion. ‘No! Both of you are deluded; this horse will belong to me! You two lack the skill two be able to wield such a creature!’ cried Famine. ‘All of you should cease your bickering, it is clear that I will become the master of this Horse!’ oozed Pestilence. While the Four Riders argued over who would claim Seque, their steeds began exchanging nervous glances, worried that they would be replaced by a new, more powerful horse than themselves. It was at this moment, when both rider and horse were distracted, that Caballarius thread a rope through all the horses reign’s, and spurred Seque off toward the moon with a mighty cry. The Four Riders were so taken by this; they fell off their rides and chased after Caballarius.   Caballarius and Seque ran so quickly, so much faster than the Four Riders’ Steeds and the Riders themselves, that soon the Mighty Gods of the Apocalypse were but specks in Caballarius’ vision. The Four Fell Steeds themselves soon started to show signs of tiring, barely being able to keep up with the mighty Seque and Caballarius began laughing at the sight of these Gods being bested by a mortal and his steed. Eventually Seque’s mighty hooves stomped onto lunar soil and she slowed to a halt, mocking the Four Horses and their tired selves. The Horses of War, Death, Pestilence, and Famine all fell to the ground, gasping for breath, their demonic presence was shattered like a cheap magic trick in the presence of Seque and Caballarius. The Four Riders themselves were still quite a way from the moon, slowly growing larger as they approached, but Caballarius and Seque watched them come, smiling to themselves knowing they were the better pair. Eventually the Four Riders arrived on the moon, exhausted and disheveled from their journey. ‘You wield a cunning mind, a strong heart, and a swift horse!’ they exclaimed. Cabrallius smiled in his victory but his smile faded when he heard words from the riders that he did not expect.   ‘Join us! Become a Rider amongst us, turn us four into five! Unlimited power and life eternal for you and your steed! The imposing and awesome Rider of Malice shall be your title! The Arbiter of the souls who are left upon the world which is dying! You can ease or enhance the passing of those who are still upon the dying world!’ Cabrallius was tempted, for the wealth of power that could be obtained was astronomical and the ability to help ease the natural passing of a world did attract him. Seque, saw the contemplative look in her masters eyes and let out a defiant roar that stirred the Four Horses and their Riders, as well as her master, and yet again a plan of wit and cunning came to his mind. ‘Another deal then Riders!’ Cabrallius cried. ‘My steed and I shall run from you; we shall run like we have never run before, but if any of you four can catch us we shall both become the Fifth amongst your ranks and we shall descend upon Earth when it’s time has come for it to die.’ ‘What time would that be?’ asked the Riders, puzzled. ‘When you catch us!’ cried Caballarius and Seque again let out a mighty cry on her two hind legs and burst towards the stars.   The Four Riders mounted their steeds and chased after them, and to this day still give chase to Cabrallius and Seque… So if you ever look up at the night sky, and happen to see a diamond blue meteor being trailed by a smaller red one, you know what is taking place before your eyes…The Man who stole the Horses of the Apocalypse continues to ride on, keeping the forces of death away from Earth until the time comes for it all to end…


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