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The Drinking Song of Elias Terres

Poor young Elias Terres,   His show's poor as dirt,   And poor young Elias Terres,   Didn't know how to flirt -   *   No love in his lines had he   No 'sperience in the sack,   The virgin boy booed off the stage   And carried off on his back.   *   Now we drink for Elias Terres,   With hope he'll someday be,   A god darn better writer   And as 'sperienced as me.

The Drinking Song of Elias Terres became hugely popular in Ritheria after the young poet Elias Terres was knocked out in the middle of reciting a poem for the The Dragons' Day Festival celebrations by a glass bottle thrown by a disapproving spectator and came close to dying in the 3rd year of the Ferivian Era.   The general feel from the crowd (well on their way to getting drunk) was that Elias' poetry was not nearly sexual enough and instead was boring and tame, leading to jibs against Elias on his virginity and lack of experience. Journals of the time tell with amusement of the many attempts following the day by friends and strangers alike to set the young man up with various men and women. Elias, it seems, was resistant to these attempts, but he certainly gained fame (good or bad) from the event.   Nowadays this song is still sung in taverns across Ritheria, and is by far the most popular drinking song in this region. It serves as a constant reminder and warning to up and coming poets to make sure their is poetry exciting and in tune with the energy of the crowd.

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