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Oh, my dear lady

Maya was not ashamed of loving a woman. All of those men, her commanders and brothers-in-arms, would give the sword arm to be with princess Gwendolyn. Why couldn't her feel the same?  
  • excerpt from The Third Kingdom
  •   Oh, my dear lady What I would give To be a man Son of a king   Oh, my dear lady But poor I am My house is simple I don't have name   Oh, my dear lady Woman I am "House is your duty Not to command"   Oh, my dear lady They laugh at me Sayin' "with her You'll never be"   But my dear lady I'm going to war I've fought so many And will fight more   Then, dear lady May come a day When I'll face you And so I'll say:   "Oh, my dear lady Bright are your eyes" Inside desiring Them both were mine  
  • Maya, the Strong, to Princeaa Brendolyn of Lakeround

  • This poem was found among Maya's gear when she was in the Campaign for Virginfield.   As history tells us, Maya was a very skilled fighter, overpowering many of her comrades. This skill and determination made possible for her to reach the charge of royal bodyguard, when she finally was able to build a relantionship with princess Brendolyn.   Their marriage was a mark in History for many reasons: first, it was the first time a kingdom had two queens; secondly, it was the first marriage in Lakeround between a princess and a peasant; thirdly, it was one the first famous marriages between people of the same gender, being a great new all over the world.   Maya and Brendolyn ruled Lakeround for many decades, and many say it was the best rulership the kingdom had until the present day.


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